Rent-A-Gent: Lonely Women Hitting the Wall

rent a gentWe are now seeing a new trend emerge. It’s called Rent a Gent.

Women in mid 30s and beyond who have smashed the wall beyond repair, hiring men for household chores, dates and other tasks that men in relationships usually do. Women are hitting the wall harder than ever.

We live In a world where women ride the cock-carousel jumping from penis to penis in their younger years, but once they hit their 30s, suddenly they start realizing that the number of young, attractive men ,have started paying less and less attention to them. Men have stopped putting them on a pedestal, and in many cases these women are often ignored by men altogether. Sure, some men will still pump & dump them, but that’s where they draw the line. They will rarely start a long term relationship with these women and most would never marry them. Rent A gent helps to alleviate their pain.

I mean why would a successful man or, well off man, in his 30s or early 40s settle for a woman his age when he can easily have a pick off a girl in her mid 20s?

So what do these women who hit the wall do? Many of them become so desperate and dateless so they are literally paying young attractive men from Rent-A-Gent to go on dates with them, cook for them and do their household chores.

So naturally the men they hire must be able to act, sing, dance and be attractive. He is that ultimate man that the wall ravaged cunts crave.

For some women using this service, it’s all about getting what you want when you want it. It’s like going through the candy shop, or shopping for them. It’s all about getting to pick from the top 1-10% of men (Alphas) without having to deal with garbage fish (Betas). Apps like Tinder have further allowed women to treat men and their use for them as if they were doing online shopping at Amazon or down at the local strip mall.

For most of the women out there: Yes, it;s very hard to find a “good man” when your cooter is beginning to look like an old catchers mitt and your tits; fried eggs on a Sunday. The hypergamous hamster will still run until the wheel is rusted and it’s body shrivels and dries up like a soiled Kleenex tissue.

So, it seems like it’s perfectly fine when women use men and then discard them, but then ‘misogynistic’ when men pump-&-dump women like the commodity that they truly are. I sense a heavy double standard here.