Italian Men being Blamed for Being Men: Why Italian Women are Opting out of Having Kids


Well. Mine as well go to DEFCON 2 as of now, and go to 1 when Hispanic women follow this trend, because when that happens you should just shut the lights off, post a VACANT sign on the business, and foreclose on the institution of marriage all together.

Who is to blame for all the injustice and unhappiness for these women?

Who do you think?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal points out that many women in the land of love and Espresso are forgoing children. The author of the article sources many fair points as to why this phenomenon is occurring in a country with such adherence to tradition and family, pointing out various economic factors and conditions that are making it hard for Italian women to start a family; and please their mothers so that they don’t get a slipper thrown at them.

“Another reason for the later start is that more Italian women in their 20s and 30s are getting university degrees. By the time they finish and find a secure job, they are often reluctant to sacrifice those gains for children—a phenomenon known as the ‘safety trap’.”

It’s always good to read towards the end of articles since that’s where the little nuggets of truth are usually hidden and in this case, one of the main symptoms of this problem: female entitlement.

“Italian women often find it daunting to balance work against the traditionally demanding expectations for mothers in Italy. Surveys consistently find that Italian men help less at home than their counterparts in other countries do, and that Italian mothers are painstaking in their approach to child care, to the point of hand-washing and ironing baby clothes. Surveys consistently find that Italian men help less at home than their counterparts in other countries do”

You could argue that what I am referring to is out of line or grossly exaggerated, that’s fine. However, there are other articles out there pointing to Italian men as the real problem for the happiness of these ‘romantic independent women’. The problem it seems is not the men in Italy, but the problem in expectation of the women who are bitching and moaning about the failure to launch their vaginas and wombs into breeding heaven.

In a Telegraph article and author points out using various surveys and comparable data to other countries that Italian woman are ‘the unhappiest in Europe,’ and that the main reason is due to the “lingering culture of machismo” that still exists in Italy.

“Research has found that 70 per cent of Italian men have never used an oven, while 95 per cent have never emptied a washing machine.”

Cutting the Cannoli & Getting to the Filling

When you cut through all the data, the statistics, female testimonies and passive-aggressive paragraphs about the “lingering culture of machismo” we find contradiction and mismanagement of expectations. It is almost a waste of breath (or key strokes) to say that you can never please a woman, but I will say this age old truth anyway because it is key to this whole “problem”.

What women keep forgetting in this age of narcissistic feminist chants of: “You can do whatever a man can do” and “You deserve to have it all because you are a woman,” is that life does not work like that. It is not a utopia. Choices have consequences, and life and nature will always fight back when you try to contradict it at anytime.

The one thing that many of these authors or studies fail to mention or realize is the simple fact that the men haven’t changed, they have stayed true to what works and what is best to balance society. They are men. Now this isn’t to say that women should not be able to have the choice to work and make money or earn their own way in life, however, in life you make choices that will lead you down a certain path. To put it this way, it is hard to travel down two paths at the same time and expect a comfortable experience, especially when those paths offer two extremely different things: Sacrifice/servitude & Independence/freedom. The two mix together as well as mixing concrete in with your morning cereal, not well at all.

Having Your Cake or Eating for Two?

If you want kids or pine to get married and have a family (whether you are a male or female), life changes for  you drastically, you are now in service (institutionally speaking) of your spouse and any future offspring. It’s a sacrifice that demands a lot of work and attention. To make that institution work effectively its best if one spouse remains at home and the other bringing home the cheddar. Men are natural hunters whereas women are natural nurtures. This is not some sexist attitude or bullshit mental disorder your female college professor told you about, this comes from our ancestors.

A man’s value and earning positional only increases with age; men age like fine wine whereas women age like milk, there is an expiration date.

The thing is men like to work. It feels good. It makes us feel productive and useful. Ever notice when you go on your Facebook and see all your female friends complaining about their jobs and how work life is “sooo stressful” and how being responsible and having a “big girl job” is not all it’s cracked up to be?

I have personally seen this hundreds of times and it is an almost silent cry of confusion as to why being “empowered” isn’t matching up to what all those feminists said. The problem with feminist culture is that it made a common mistake in marketing, which is false advertisement. It sold women an ad that showed a larger and shinier product than what they ultimately got. That’s why you should always read the fine print, or in this case, look into the logistics.

If you are a woman and dead set on not having kids, that’s great. More the power to ya! But don’t start complaining when you have devoted the majority of  your prime/most fertile years ( 18-25) to schooling and a career as a {insert type of demanding job} and wonder why the men simply aren’t interested in your born again motherhood-ism.

If you do want a husband, and a couple little future car mechanics running around in the tomato garden while you squash grapes with your feet, then I suggest to all the Italian women out there that you cash in your chips (vagina & beauty) in the time-honored and respected dating market value range of the ages 18-25. Because apparently in Italy the men are still men, and not the pussified beta males you see flapping their own man-ginas around the streets in the West.

Expectations v.s Reality

As always the answer to the problems we face are usually right in front of our noses. Which gender has changed in the last twenty odd years in Italy? Obviously not Tony.  So where is the accountability, and ownership by these women who have decided to un-balance their own society?

When something changes it has to expect different results, not the same. Women in Italy made the choice to change, and now their country (and the majority of Europe) is in a bit of a moist panty twist with a horrible economic outlook and declining birth rate that seems to be hard to untangle.

It’s funny because the situation is simple to solve. If the women of Italy want the economy back on track, and their quality of life to go on in an upward trajectory, why not go back to basics? The reason why the economy is in such shambles in Italy is because there aren’t enough jobs, which means there are too many workers for the number of jobs available. In addition you have a declining birth rate which means fewer services are needed, which equals less jobs required to service the country as a whole. Basically, women in Italy are too busy going to school, getting degrees in basket weaving courses, and not cashing in their chips and getting Mario or Lorenzo to squirt some premium virgin olive oil into their womanly decanters.

Why do you think the world is full of unemployed people? One simple fact is that more people today are employable, meaning both men AND women can work in society. Before the world didn’t have this problem because one gender mainly worked and the other supported the workers, thus there were enough jobs regardless of the industrial booms. If nobody is pumping out kids, a society will essentially collapse on itself; it’s that simple. Societies with the most rigid gender roles (‘sexism’ for all you “educated” ladies out there) have the highest birth rates.

Even if these manly Italian men decided to “pull their weight” around the house by pushing a vacuum around the chesterfield, women would still find a way to complain — or find some other thing to berate their men with. Most likely the next complaint would be that their men are becoming “effeminate” at the sight of their Sergio’s or Vincenzio’s tossing a dish into the wash; thus not feeling that “spark” anymore.

Another problem for these women seems to revolve around not being able to find a “good husband”(translation: Mr. Dockers with a stable income). Even though they claim independence today they still demand that men have superior jobs and takes responsibility for the family at home. So which is it then? They want Francesco to have a superior job (usually means demanding job that takes up a lot of time), or him to stay at home and wash the driveway after killing those cazzo [CAHT-zoh] ants with the Colrex bleach.

You Can’t Win as a Man These Days.

If you are too much of a man you are labeled as either a sexist misogynist pig for speaking your mind and giving your opinion, or, if you act like a beta mangina women will suddenly lose respect for you because you are not giving them tingles in their panty playground; thus perpetuating the circle of unhappiness that women find their selves in, not just in Italy but around the world.

It’s all very demanding of course coming from these Italian broads which is not a surprise. Essentially it’s the unsatisfactory allocation of household responsibilities that are compelling these women to decide children aren’t for them. That’s it.

Before Pisa Falls

A final solution to these Italian women would be to move to a different country all together; if it’s as bad as they claim. Come to Canada, we have lots of “career driving women” here who are also unhappy, mainly because the majority of men here lack balls and seem to enjoy being a second class citizen in their own castles.

Or you can stay in Italy with men who probably invented the female orgasm, and cunnilingis. Just don’t come crying home when women from inegalitarian societies start to overflow into Italy and take advantage of all the traditional Italian men that are in need of a good wife to sire him some little brick layers, and to cure their lonely sausages.