How Facebook Transformed into a Women’s Restroom


Nothing ever remarkable, unique or important has ever transpired in the women’s restroom, same goes for Facebook. Like the female restroom it is a place of faux-esteem, passive-aggressiveness, conniving, attention-whoring, mediocrity, and self-preening.

When Mark Zuckerberg’s genius mind gave effortless birth to the idea of Facebook in 2004 his first notion was to create a platform in which to connect people (feral college students). It then transformed into a space in which all members of the public could participate and share or express their “individuality”. In Western society and culture, individuality is a much as a myth as civilization itself. Whereas civilization hangs on a very thin thread of social mores, written words (laws) and compliance every and each day, so does the idea of individuality on Facebook; its one giant illusion.

Facebook has, and always will, give the illusion of individuality because the system itself is a microcosmic version of society. With women involved, and with Facebook being specifically geared and designed to protect the female imperative, you will always have a hive-mind group who will help protect that system to which they depend on for their survival, identity and self worth. This goes for all the Manginas and Beta-male orbiters on there who give power to the Hive by way of ‘liking’ that Elite Daily article — regarding some female sopolistic garbage about ‘White-male privilege’—, or by agreeing out of fear with some misandric drivel about how the patriarchy is ruining the chance for “equality” in slivers of hope to get their dick wet by that girl they met from their Intro to Woman Studies class.

The Currency of Attention

Facebook is after all a business, and any smart owner who looks out for his bottom line has to know his consumers and how they operate. Who are the majority users of Facebook and social media in general?


With or without realizing it, Mark Zukerberg created in all accounts a platform that was virtually made for women. It gave women the power to be even more grandiose in their thirst for endless attention from males and a new ability to make their girlfriends envy them. Just like the restroom, Facebook is a space that can’t happen without consensus of the group. If you slip out of the neat little box that your expected to fit into you are automatically shunned or dismissed; or even worse, you don’t get any ‘likes’.

In life, women use money not for the purpose that men understand and intent it to be for. Men use money in order to make more of it; through buying or investing in things that will give back some sort of return because as we know, money takes time and energy to make. Women use money in order to get more attention. The currency of Facebook is through ‘likes’. The more a girl gets the more her ego is built up, thus the more attention she will receive. Just like the restroom, women enter it in order to get more ‘likes’ or attention: Whether it is through fixing their make-up, sharing gossip or crying about how their boss is such an asshole or that her big girl office job is not a “fair”, a woman ultimately goes in to increase her self-worth in some way form of fashion.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

The restroom for a man is a space in which to get the job done, get in and get out with as little to no talking as possible. If you use Facebook, I hope it’s a similar experience of utility in by way of setting up a drinking weekend with the guys or even trying to hook that next lay by using Facebook. For woman, they don’t view the restroom as a place that is just for evacuating the pipes. To them, like Facebook, it’s a space in which they can prepare, connive, slut-shame other women, and more so manipulate themselves for men; and more importantly, other women.

If you ever wish to see how the “fairer” sex tries to up her value in the sexual market space, look no further than Facebook or the ladies room — I hope you only enter Facebook as to not incur a felony charge or severe injury directed toward your man-sack.  As with any form of currency it can be used for good and evil, and also to sway things positively in your direction. If you have even a rookies understanding of how women tend to operate then you will understand that a woman’s friends are her biggest competitors; her best friend being her closest enemy.

One phenomenon that you will see often on Facebook (and presumably at the mirror in the girls restroom) is when the fat friend, or less attractive one, either makes a comment about how they shouldn’t have had that last cream puff, or posts a picture of themselves at the beach in an unflattering tube top — with arms that look like bread baking through twine.

The trend is you will 99.9% of the time see ‘likes’ or encouragement thrown her way. This usually takes the form on Facebook by way of typical comments such as:

 “WOW. You are so beautiful…hawt or “ Oh my gawd I love your hair in this pic, you’re so pretty!” all by her more attractive friends. In the restroom it may come in the form of a more detailed manipulation (usually subconscious) by way of something like “Oh hun don’t feel bad about eating that next Churro we all need to treat ourselves every once in a while…we deserve it as women”(throw in some giggles) or “Why should we as girls feel bad about eating a bag of Doritos and chugging down some pitchers of Bud?…why should guys get to have all the fun… am mer right ladies!?” Meanwhile, all the other girls are having a mini salad with a Pierre while the fat friend polishes off that chicken leg and downs that dark ale like a starved sailor who had just found civilization.

Pass GO and Collect 200 ‘Likes’

The point is that the more attractive girls of the group will always encourage the “Just Be You” mentality in their less attractive friends so that they can hold monopoly on the men, and more importantly, the attention that they get from them. The real 9’s and 10’s are anything but themselves when they go out and take their carefully manicured Instagram photos or selfies. As for the Facebook ‘likes’ given to the fatty or fug-muffin, it’s akin to the spend money to make money principle in the world of Facebook. It’s no tanning lotion of that hot babes bikini bridge to give a ‘like’ here and there to her fat friend because it’s an investment in ultimately keeping potential competition at bay; there is always a hot girl laying dormant underneath the rolls and low-self esteem of any Dixie Chick. The hot girl knows instinctively that her fat friend is one step on the treadmill and one less Cinnabon away from full on self-improvement. She’s making her currency work for her; which by the way is the closest thing you will ever see to a woman engaging in smart money investment.

Again just like the restroom, all unflattering and idle parts about a girl’s life happen behind the stalls, never in front of the mirror. Facebook is a giant mirror that reflects the best possible self image that can be manufactured. Women treat their Facebook profile like that restroom mirror; they will not leave it until they are satisfied with what they can present to the outside world as their “self”. Everything must be perfect: the friends they have, the things they like, the pictures they take and the things they agree or disagree with (hint: it’s usually what celebrities or fem-centric journalist hacks from Huffpo agree with) Above all else, like in life, she will not leave the mirror unless she knows to some degree that she fits into society, because ostracism from the group is a woman’s greatest fear.

I am Woman, See Me Post that Jezebel Article


This is why the “independent woman” mantra that is parroted all the time by Westernized women and the fem-centric media gulags, is a giant short-hair and tattoo covered myth. There is no real such thing. It may exist in the heads of many women, but it’s simply unrealistic to think that’s the case, at least with Facebook, because everything you see on the social network is the definition of conformity and hive-mind dependency.

When was the last time you saw someone ‘share’ something truly unique on Facebook that wasn’t written or created by some other person other than themselves? It’s rare for sure. And if you do share something that you made, wrote or created, people tend not to ‘like’ or even look at it because it is not easily digestible for their mind that has been use to quick easy  talking points or generic inspirational life quotes. It’s ironic because when you do post something unique or a creation you wrote or made, it stands out too much. People, especially women, don’t like that because it doesn’t fit into the little box of conformity that Facebook is.

Also, like in life, people of Facebook don’t want you to succeed at anything, or simply see you doing something more exciting than they are. Plus if it is really good, for example a piece or writing or a sketch, people tend not to comment or ‘like’ it because of the attention it will take away from their own narcissistic view of their own value. Also, since they probably don’t have the creative fortitude, passion talent that you have —because they are just like any other Facebook user (part of the herd) — it will shatter their fragile ego and remind them how uninteresting they really are in real life. That, aside from their filtered selfies, pics from Europe and how many ‘porch crawlers’ they are going to this summer, they are still like everyone else in the restroom; who has to take a shit, piss and wipe their own asses every day.

The Cover Still Says Much about a Book

Now you are probably wondering as a guy if Facebook has any merit for you. Well if you don’t have Facebook by now, don’t even bother. It’s a waste land of a lot of nothing; a lot of talking going on but not real sustenance, like the girls restroom. If you have Facebook or had in the past, you as a man will have come to recognize the very few benefits. Going online into to the social network today is the equivalent of walking into an all-female staff room, or a Feminists propaganda HQ.

Facebook for guys is only useful for a few things; and even at that, they are things to which can be garnered from observation or action in the real world. Facebook just makes it easier.

Back to the Future Bang: The act of picking up and banging chicks that would have otherwise disappeared from your life after high school.

Witnessing Women Hit the Wall: Observing the transformation of a woman hitting her sexual expiration date via her time-lined photo albums. It is quite shocking and humbling to see how fast women peak in beauty (around 23) and how fast your boner starts to die looking at those bikini shots from the Caribbean cruise from her 35th birthday. When you understand what the wall is you will be sure to steer clear of any woman who approaches it, it’s not pretty.

The XEffect: Witnessing how fat or unappealing your Ex has become in proportion to the amount of success you have obtained by way of dumping her. This also includes seeing how much of a Feminist she has become since then, and how the void of receiving no more of your dick has resulted in her filling that void with the “Eat Pray’ Love approach” to life (being a “independent” woman).

Facebook is ultimately a fantasy land filled with avatars and surface impressions. It is in no way shape or form a place for a man to be. Men improve, grow and mold themselves into better men in the real world where the environment challenges you and forces you to grow. Women can have Facebook because that’s where they are comfortable and belong; in Neverland.

In closing, if you are a man reading this (I suspect most of you are), and you are not on Facebook or have recently deleted your account, congratulations. You have most likely come to find that a weight has lifted from your life’s backpack. You can now begin to re-program yourself into your own individual, actually. If you haven’t left Facebook yet, or are in the midst of still deciding if you would be happier with your ability to post “inspirational” Buzzfeed, Jezebel or Elite Daily articles on your newsfeed — that everyone else posts— my only question to you is this: What are you still doing in the girls restroom, creeping?