Modern Women’s Dilemma: An indecisive Vagina


Apparently it’s a hard life as a woman these days when you have to make such strenuous choices between working and then maybe not working all together, for life. A freedom of movement that simply cannot be granted to men in the same as man has always worked; and to not do so would be non-refundable social and sexual castration in the societal marketplace of the high valued male, the Alpha. The dick takes swift action and plunges itself into production while the vagina stays in place awaiting its platinum services with gratitude. You can’t beat nature no matter how many fists of feminist propaganda are shoved up everyone’s collective cavities; Canada’s labour force participation rates prove this.

Feminists abound can all pat themselves on their back boobs once again for doing their hivemind part in helping to eviscerate the economy as a whole, and reduce its effectiveness to the equivalent of a wet fart. A recent article out of Bloomberg points out how the notorious trait of women reneging on their commitments and obligations (and ability to change their minds on a whim) is now putting everyone at risk for a bleaker outlook of the economy.

The problem isn’t women aged 25-54 wanting to go back to laundry room to bleach my sheets, its more so the fact that a huge amount of time and resources has been wasted getting these women through University and into the labour force; most of it tax dollar funded initiatives, affirmative action hiring and the hard earned money of their fathers, borefriends [boyfriends], and husbands. Most of all, causing a backlog of people who truly want to work and get into certain professions like, I don’t know, a cardiac specialist.

                “Some people want to be at work, but I want to be there to pick up my kid from the bus stop,” she said. “I just wish that some mom’s wouldn’t judge me and think that I am throwing away my career.” —Career Quitter: Krystyna Recoskie

The above quote from the article illustrates the uncaring attitude, and more possibly, the disregard for the latent damage caused by this illuminating choice to go back to changing diapers and watching Dr. Oz re-runs all day. First of all let’s be clear. It’s a noble and excellent choice for a woman to want to raise a family, stay at home and serve society that way since it has always proven to be the best way to stabilize a society and bring prosperity to the majority since everything is in natural balance between the sexes (look at any great empire in history before its collapse into matriarchy). If I were Recoskie I wouldn’t be concerned with the judgement of other women in throwing away your career, It’s the judgement that you took up a spot in the labour force that could have went to someone who actually wanted to be there and do a job that is pretty important.


The same goes for any other profession that women are seemingly dropping out of because they can’t handle showing up at a specific time in the morning and ending their day at a specific time — aka responsibility. I guess it’s a lot easier though to make that decision when you hit the wall (a woman’s sexual market expiration date) as a woman. No problem right? Just claim that your biological clock is a ticking and that you have decided you do want kids after all. Throughout history, the job and title of Leg Spreading manager has been accessible to most women (and an easy industry to maintain through supply and demand).

 “Women are looking at the realities of what they are giving up by going into the workforce,” Former Awesome Job Holder: Erica Ehm

Reality is what you make it to be, and it seems that women are understanding that the traditional male reality of commuting to work, dealing with the harsh elements of the urban jungle and producing things is just not their cup of Starbucks. It’s a lot easier to stay at home and start an on-line website telling mommy’s how to handle the “overwhelming” and “crushing” responsibility of taking care of a child these days instead of being a broadcaster for a major music network.

The task is ultimately laughable in these times when compared to any other time in history because never before in the record of civilization has it been easier to raise a healthy child. There are no major world wars, no fucking Sieg Heiling Nazis trying to goose-step over your quaint town, no famines, and no other tribes trying to rape and kill your family in the middle of the night. You have various gizmo’s, gadgets, machines, programs and assistances allocated by the government and tax payer money to assure that you and your child don’t starve like a Somali pirate.

The leveling off in participation by core-age female workers is exacerbating the impact of retiring baby- boomer’s and a rise in youth unemployment since the last recession.” 

The above quote from the article is startling for the economy in the long run and is the equivalent of a coach telling a sports convener “Yes, I have a full team for tomorrow’s game,” and then come game time the entire team forfeits because they all got heavy flows of hypergamy and entitlement; leaving the crowd who purchased tickets for the game in the hole with no return on their investment.

To find players at the last minute who are trained and even know how to play that particular game properly will be hard to find and will most likely cost more to import (foreign players/workers). Leaving the majority of the native unemployable still unemployable since they have been out of the work force due to surfeit, and affirmative hiring practices to which we can see is backfiring in the face of everyone (mainly the bra-burners and man-hating tattooed femi-cunts) like an unstable and damaged musket.

The article goes on in a hopeful prose about how this trend could reverse and we may see a rise again in female participation rates ,but in my opinion that’s like hoping the Maple Leafs won’t trip over themselves again next year.

When a woman quits something, it’s because she wasn’t even there to begin with.


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