Become the CEO of Your Own Life


It always amazes the eye when I see how easily people are willing to give up control of their mind, body and even finances to another party. A control that can be so easily maintained under the self if only one would exercise even a sliver of free-will, and confidence in their own instincts.

It is a hard red pill to consume, but the sooner one understands that the only person who knows how to run your life, and knows what is best for your survival, is yourself. Who understands you better? Its great listening to people and asking questions for guidance, but as an individual is it wise to give up control and direction? As a man, and one who shapes and creates the world around him, this has to stop immediately in today’s society for it to survive.  Without strong men, the society and world becomes weak in its foundation and will ultimately crumble into a heap of passivity, fem-centric idiocies, lack of rational/logic and a hive-mind attitude that would make any dictator shine up their microphone. Man brings order to the world; weak men bring chaos and confusion. This thus translates into a man’s own sphere and life.

Being a part of the Crowd is Beta

In this life there will always be people who exist in this reality, and those who will shape it for themselves. In an age where the trance words“individualism” and “empowerment” have become the “You go Girl!” of yester-era we ultimately see the exact opposite. Whenever you see a war on something (i.e drugs, prohibition etc) you ultimately see an increase in the exact opposite of the intended effect. This is a natural fact in human behaviour and social media sites like Facebook prove this with the “individual profile”.

Everyone on Facebook, and in today’s world, (the majority of people) are followers; passive consumers of other peoples realities and are just generally average even though they think their selfies are extraordinary. Being a part of the crowd and following the latest trend set is ultimately a feminine virtue, and has no place in a man’s psyche. Man sets the trends and leads. Facebook and Lululemon for two small examples in a vast pool of creations are owned and were created by men who have set forth two of the most monumental trends in the last decade. Women need to be of the consensus because their very survival depends on group cohesion, and travelling in large groups for the most access to resources. Women travel in herds on Facebook while wearing their yoga pants to anywhere but yoga classes. Both equate to this femcentric-societies thirsty need for mass attention and validation.

This is why you see more women (add: more beautiful women) in larger cities than you would in smaller towns. There are more men, and more money potentially, in larger city-centers; thus will equal more social mobility for women (not to forget attention as well). This has been ingrained into their biology for centuries and is a primal survival tactic and mechanism. It is a lot easier for a man to be noticed when he is separate from the crowed and his individual talents noticed more so. This does not mean man has to live outside of large metropolises to get noticed, on the contrary for it does not matter for a man where he lives.

For instance, in today’s world you will find more clones/Docker-wearing office stooges ( Stable Stan’s and Providing Paul’s) in larger cities which are typically saturated with the “provider type” personalities that will ultimately de-tingle any female. Provider game has been outmoded thanks to years of feminist ideology and indoctrination which has created an environment where women not only have access to personal finances (i.e stability) they also have an army of well trained beta-boys who will buy them drinks, houses, cars and food because male thirst is still high since most men today are raised by single mothers without a strong male figure in the household to teach them truth and not fill their heads with female race-track rationales.

The metropolis market is thus the easiest to exploit in terms of gathering a harem because all you have to do as a male is to not be like all the rest. That can only happen if you believe that you are capable of not having to drink the cool-aid of society and can survive on your own without having to beg on your knees for the teat of the current societal order that is hell bent on manipulating the sexes for maximum exploitation.

Never Hand Control of Finances to any Hand but You’re Other

That does not mean you’re “significant other” or “better half” or some other fairytale person that your mind has crafted from social engineering and modern day programming. I see so many misinformed males relinquishing their mobility and success to total strangers on a daily basis it boggles the mind it stings the neurons. Take for instance the TV show Til Debt Do us Part. If I had a dime for every time I heard a man-boob on that show say “she controls our finances,” or “she’s the accountant,” I could travel the world three times and cure hunger in one day and make mother Teresa look like the ultimate slacker of our lifetime.

Why do you think those couples on that show are in debt? I am sure you expect me to say it’s because the women are in control of the money (this is true and is part of the reason), however the fault falls equally on the males for having let this happen. Be a man and actually own the castle you build and all the activities to which take place within the castle for it would be unwise to have to let in any spies, thieves and ultimately betrayers for another kingdom that has greener pastures than yours.

First of all women make horrible accountants, and don’t understand the value of money except when the value only concerns their needs. Excuse me, that’s a half truth. I should actually say: women make excellent accountants, lawyers and politicians when divorce is in the making. That is the only time you will ever see a woman live up to her full potential in these fields of practices.

Never under any circumstances hand over your hard earned money to anyone for that matter; unless there is some legal circumstance to has which forced you to do so.

Tip: Don’t get yourself into any circumstance that would require you to perform a redistribution of wealth to anyone.

Get rid of the “Girlfriend”: You don’t need a girlfriend to have sex with women, so why do you have extra weight in your backpack? She will only be a burden and financial parasite; not considering all the extra hoops and annoying time wasting activities she will put you through since she will do this do manipulate your beta thrusts for pussy.

Treat Women like Stocks: If one isn’t performing the way you like it/not getting return on your investment, dump it. There will always be other growth stocks with potential, IPO’s and upcoming small caps to play with. Why settle for a laggard with no dividend? Don’t get emotional over one like the majority of man-gina’s you see today; be willing to sell even if it means taking a small loss. Marriage after all is a bad investment, and the returns do not outweigh the costs in the majority of contracts.

Invest Money on Your terms: Don’t be an average Joe six-pack and buy things your friends have. Mindless consumerism is for pedestrians. In addition, learn how to invest money on your own (i.e equities, stocks etc) having a “adviser” will get you nowhere and is a passive way to grow your money because no one will work harder for you than you.

Money and time are two of the greatest gifts a man can own because they both represent mobility and access to greater areas and markets of the world. This is a CEO’s bottom line. However, as a man, nothing trumps this greater than the bottom line of dignity and ultimately your free-will. If you don’t take control now, someone else will and that’s the most devastating thing one could do to himself.