Men Are Born With Game


All men have that fire in the belly since the day they escaped their mothers birth canal in water-park like fashion, entering the world with the natural desire to conquer and acquire. It is a surprise then to wonder where this magic spark disappears into adulthood and why we are witness to so many manginas and slack bodied betas tip toeing around Western culture today.

It is ultimately up to men to realize that this fire needs constant fuel and attention in order to be able to carry it across the world with them throughout their life times. It is like a muscle that needs to be worked or it will eventually die and shrivel up like a blubbery husband trying to pick out floor tiles with his careerist wife at Bed Bath & Beyond on Sunday. It is ultimately your job as a man to not let this current femcentric society douse the only thing that makes a man succeed in the world.Game/masculinity ( they are one in the same) can be seen in the early ages of any boy. It can be hard to spot most times, but it is there.

Take for instance this video showing a young baseball fan at a Texas Rangers game who, at first glance, would seem to have displayed a traditional beta move in modern society — giving a girl ( even girl as hot as the one in the vid) something you earned for free in hopes of getting your dick sucked ( I know the kid is young but you get what I mean). The provider mentality is still well embedded in most American boys and men today since the female imperative’s survival depends on this buffoonery and other displays of male subservience.

If you look closely at the video however, you will notice that the young boy actually displays future hope of being the young shining example of an alpha Spartan. You will notice that in his other hand he has a decoy ball (probably a practice ball from before the game) and hands that ball to the unsuspecting flattered hottie – who didn’t seem to notice as did her less attractive friends who were probably spinning their wheels about what a pinch runner is. In the end, the boy keeps what is valued, or has more value, while still putting out the feels and testing the waters on the ladies (even though you should never encourage this type of behaviour).

If that young boy’s game was a stock I would be a buyer at these levels because I know that in the long run he will have valued assets while at the same time keeping his costs very low by pulling off moves like shown in the vid. He will be a leader and an example to follow as long as he stays away from the feminist programming and liberal institutions that produce the betatudes of today.

Some would say that I am wrong and that we should not teach young boys to trick girls. However, it is not a trick because women wouldn’t know the difference between a practice ball and the game ball anyway.Besides the only reason you see women at any sporting event is because of the hope they will get on camera (i.e attention whoring fodder for their friends), and to also day-dream about their deluded entitlements in marrying a rich baseball player sometime day because they have a masters degree in basket weaving.

No harm, no foul ball. Play on boys.


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