What an Education Teaches You

1 Another Brick in the Wall

Higher education is not the equivalent as it was when your father or grandfather attended the finest of Colleges and Universities of their time. My father, your father or grandpa existed in a time when the term ‘degree inflation’ hadn’t even entered the general public’s dialectic. Education still hadn’t been commoditized in a way that treats students as clients and consumers of “knowledge” (feminized parroted propaganda) in order to harvest the wallets of their baby-boomer parents hard-earned money by way of marketing education as a “must have” in order to be a success.

Modern day educational institutions are nothing but adolescent holding pens – fattening up the next generation of alcoholics, selfie-abusers, and indebted slaves to the current dogma and conveyor belt mentality: degree+ cubicle+ wife= mountains of fun times. The reality is that you will definitely get that degree (after incurring unreasonable piles of debt), most likely won’t get that Stable Stan 401k boner inducing–make your grandparents proud type– job, and will most likely get married (and divorced) to a less than desirable woman (= sucked on more knobs than a handcuffed criminal trying to escape a door maze); especially if you live in Western culture where women’s hypergamous nature goes unchecked.

School teaches the individual how not to be a success — if by the definition of a successful individual is: one who makes his own way in life on his own terms, and can manifest his own dreams by way of avoiding the institutions to which are designed to keep one subdued and chained to its own rules. No. School teaches you how to be a peon instead; the next generation of mindless consumer willing to fill the hole in its soul with the latest iphone, TMZ story or sex doll from Japan. It’s all group think and herd mentality from the first day of kindergarten to that last exam you write at that herpes infested palace you call a college.

School teaches you how to eventually show up at a specific time, to a specific place in a city and to suck the day’s dick until you can’t breathe anymore. All the while, rushing home from a 2 hour commute to the quaint suburb that you live in only to be let down from a wife whose weight increases exponentially every year; she won’t suck your dick, but she will wolf those Ball Park Frank’s down faster than any starving African would. The system profits from you and your fat wife because every day you will have to work even harder than the last to pay for the ever increasing wants that she “needs,” and also what your other peon friends think you lovely pair should also have. Wife pregnant again because she fucked that hot alpha waiter from Bob Evans who had  that neck tattoo all in order to optimize her subconscious female hypergamy?

Got $800 a year just for diapers?

How about enough money for formula ($1,500-$2000 annual pending)? In all odds you will do what most peons do: and that would be applying for assistance from big daddy government thus perpetuating the debt based economy which will eventually collapse under its own entitlement fueled shit. The thing is, nobody deserves that. Could anybody rationally want this life let alone enjoy it? If you answered no then the question is: why do we teach (program) it into our children’s heads that this is the way things should be? Why do we allow our boys to become slaves to the Female Imperative and willingly get their testicles put in the vice grip that is modern day monogamy? Why do we allow our girls to become hedonistic selfie-sluts who look like they have circled the drain more than once before their 18th birthday, waiting for big daddy government to bail them out of another dark alley pregnancy?

The education system use to benefit men. Now it only seeks to destroy their will to achieve all the while giving too many pats on the backs of females for being compliant and going along with the new Femcentic agenda. The economy is broken because the real producers, movers and shakers are not in it anymore (men).

Fewer men every year go to college or even finish high school. Yet we have more women than ever earning degrees (basket-weaving diplomas) yet are dropping out of the workforce in droves to appeal to their natural biological urges of nesting: wasted time, money and policy initiatives. This has been all done in order to protect and prop up the female ego that needs constant petting and clit strokes or else the feet stamping of “patriarchy!” will be heard from every liberal cesspool in North America. The education system today is such a waste of money.

The debt you will incur, and the tuition you will pay, is not worth the Chlamydia you will get to go along with that minimum wage job you will receive. Yep, that’s what you will get from all those long nights spent plagiarizing brilliant men who came before you while some chick gobbled down your cock like some rabid hyena (her 12th of the month).

Just another brick in the wall; hoping the foundation will hold, and the brick layer competent.