America the Beautiful: Brought Down by the Welfare State & Gina Tingles


American’s had it MUCH worse in the past; they still managed to create relatively strong communities, businesses, and families. So, what has changed between now and then?

  1. Female sexual selection/mating strategies have flipped particularly due to the expansion of big daddy government welfare state and mass media propaganda of the femcentric variety. Women have never been ‘independent,’ just like a addict they have only switched providers of the stimulus (money). Women once were dependant on the Beta-male, now big government has taken the place with EBT’s, femcentric court system, and entitlement handouts encouraging people to be leaches.
  2. Sexual access, marriage, and reproduction was removed from stable productive Beta-males with jobs and now transferred through media programming and economics to the Alpah criminals and bad boys that induce Gina tingles.
  3. Most of the ghettos in America are rooted in dysfunction in dysgentic mating on the part of its womenfolk (remember: at the end of the day it is woman who has final say whether or not that dick gets to shoot ropes of gentic madness inside her dark moist grotto) Its Bad Boy Gina tingles on a cultural scale, and when the jungle beast comes a roaring in from uncharted lands, the pussy mist will spray overtop its jungle canapé.

When women are no longer forced to rely on the stability of the beta and his productive capacities for sustenance and the survival of their offspring, and can instead collect easy money from the State, they quickly revert back to a pre-Agricultural Revolution mating strategy in which they only seek out their Alpha fux part of their hypergamy. This is where the meanest, most violent men are rewarded with the greatest level of reproductive access.

Such men do not stick around to raise the spawn that should spew out from these tingling cathedral halls of vagina, they move on to the next hallway they can throw their hammer down and cause the cheerleaders to scream in excited panty-soaking horror.

Over 70% of the prison populations are males born out of wedlock to single moms who valued their gina tingles over rational thought. These women will thus only have sexual access to more bad boy alphas since no successful beta (hopefully) would ever stake his earnings or investments on a feral woman who has circled the drain more than three times before her 20th birthday.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 6.39.17 AM

It’s ultimately of numbers game. American men who are stable, intelligent, and productive are simply being bred out of existence. 40% of all American children are now being born into the same circumstances which have destroyed communities of previous empires and current ones. That number will continue to rise as Western women in particular begin to double-down on the bad boy cock-carousel, celebrate baby-daddy syndrome, and claim their cash and prizes from the state on being such a good little prostitute for Uncle Sam.

When the Western world and its counterparts collapses into a dystopian nightmare that only the likes of George Orwell could masturbate to, it will have exactly fuck all to do with space aliens, zombies or a rogue asteroid and everything to do with the fact that American women have spent the last 20+ years creating hordes of useless spawn that will turn out to be just like them and the ‘fathers’ they bred with. You can’t fault a man (Alpha or Beta) for trying to shoot his load into any female – this is what man is designed to do.

However, you can fault a woman for not saying no and protecting the chances of the survival of her offspring. With a vagina comes huge responsibility, it’s just too bad these things have to be taught after the fact. Thanks American feminized public education system, we salute you!