Loyalty to Her Means Something Else


One of the biggest mistakes both men and women make in today’s upside down equalist assuaging world is the belief that the sexes are equal. Equal not in the moral sense, but in the biological. This is just absurd, and quite frankly, fucking idiotic.

Women will never be like man, and man will never be like woman. Yes, as a woman you can: chop off your hair and give yourself the rug-munch’er look, grow a fro underneath those flabby arms, and spit in a bucket while you mentally masturbate to some of Betty Friedan’s passages of the mythical “patriarchy” that had oppressed the vaginas of yesteryear. Yes, as a man you could tuck your sack back and call yourself Nancy whilst giving blowjobs in trucker cabbies off I-75, but that won’t make you a woman as you cannot fulfill the biological imperative of conceiving new spawn for this animal farm we call earth. All we have to do in life to understand truth is to observe, and one of the best ways to observe the difference between the sexes is through loyalty and how men and women differ in their idea of what that is.

Ultimately man is loyal to code and logic and spreading thy seed to pollinate every beautiful female plant (no fatties —i.e corpse flowers), while his counterpart is slave to the unconscious need to fulfill her dualistic sexual strategy and hypergamous nature: biology (aka Alpha fucks, Beta bucks). Men are a walking resolution of paradoxes. For example, in your walk around through the modern day thoroughfare and you will see male friendships. You will witness something that is phenomenal. Every man [a man] meets, will ask the instinctive and very primal question to himself “could I take this guy in a fight?”

However, on the other side of this is that man also realizing that one day he could end up giving his life for him either by way of war with another nation, street brawl etc. Women are not loyal in the male sense of the word, period. It is a different kind of loyalty that many Western men today seem to not understand correctly.

A woman will back up her man up ( or a man in general) only as long as he is right, or better yet, that the group of people around them both thinks he is right ( remember: woman’s nature is herd like and consensus driven). It is frustrating for men because, in a man’s world, loyalty means; you back me up even when in the wrong. It’s the version of two men back to back in a bar fight. One of em’s swinging and taking punches from some coked out biker and saying to the other guy “I can’t believe you got us into this again.” But he is still there [at] his friends back. Hence the age old expression, ‘he’s got my back.

Whenever I hear a woman say something like her ‘bestie’ always has her back I just laugh and say to myself “ Yeah, she is probably already planning on how to fuck your boyfriend, or has already done so on her back; legs spread and starfish’d.” A woman’s best friend is her closest enemy.

One of the biggest complaints from men today is how they don’t feel they have the full support of their wives, girlfriends or women in general. It is a different kind of support from a woman’s perspective. As a man you have to understand that women truly (and this will sound cold but it is true) do not and cannot love you for you, their survival depends on this modus. They love the ‘idea’ of you and what you represent to them at any given moment. Women are adaptors, not leaders. They are the master adapters and instinctively survive through manipulation, lying, conniving, and passive aggressive threats and ploys. They survive on a primitive level of hitching their selves to the best horse on the lot. They naturally look around: ‘who should we put our money vagina on?’ And thus adapt to please and be attractive to that horse for as long as they are the smartest one to be aligned with. This is how and will always be the way the weaker sex survives, through passive actions since their strength and logic is not their best asset.

This is woman’s hypergamy in its rawest form, hitching their ‘cart’ onto many horses throughout their life time in order to optimize their ever degrading asset – beauty. As it is a depreciating asset you will see a woman hitch herself to a different kind of horse in her  late teens to mid-20’s as opposed to one’s you will see her hitched to after the Wall (30+). This is what loyalty means to her. It is loyalty to her survival, and to her hypergamous nature.


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