The Shopping Mall: Specifically Designed to Optimize Female Hypergamy


Women still make up the majority of shoppers/consumers in the modern capitalist kingdom of the West. Yet, as per this study we are seeing a significant increase in the number of male ‘consumers’ in recent times. Now, the study in the link makes a case that the reason for the male increase may be due to the two factors:

  1.  More women have joined the work force, thus more males (beta hubbies) are now doing more of the household shopping.
  2.  More single parent households headed by men where men participate in more traditional female-dominated aspects of household duties.

These are decent points to make but escape other more evident reasons why more men are consuming. This study (like most studies done by Liberal Arts Majors) has a femcentric bias due to the nature of Universities today (dominated by feminist ideology and protector of the Female Imperative), and tend to miss other key factors as to why humans are behaving the way that they do.

The study fails to point out that maybe (just maybe) the other reason why more men are ‘consuming’ and buying products is because they have spit out the Blue Bill and have not allowed their man sacks to be drained by the parasitical nature of marrying a Western woman and the now skewed nature of the institution itself, along with the divorce courts. To simply put, men have more of their money to spend on themselves. After all, the study points out the main reason men shop is due to a utilitarian reason as opposed to the impulse nature (buyological urge) those women in the study have when they buy products.

Men mainly go to the mall to seek out the new technologies, Big Screen TV’s, stuff for the pad, man cave and shit that they actually need to help be productive.

Side Note: If married (God help you) I strongly disagree with the notion of having a ‘man cave’. As a man, your whole house should be a man cave, because it’s YOUR house! More often than not it is you who are putting that down payment on it, paying the bills, and ultimately (50% chance) going to have to get kicked out of it (aka — still paying off the mortgage) when your wife decides to optimize her dual sexual strategy (AlphaFux + BetaBucks) and you find the divorce papers ( women initiated 70% of all divorces in the West) lying on the bedroom floor while you catch her sucking a strange man’s horn on your marital sheets; sheets that you probably bought together one Sunday morning at IKEA.

Shopping is fine just so as long as you understand that it is ultimately for the hivemind. Getting in and getting out is respectable, but if you are spending your whole afternoon wandering around with ridiculously priced coffee in hand, and swiping that card faster than a dying cancer patient, you have become part of the hive. Let us proceed to that hive.

Many people might choose to view the action of consuming itself as one fulfilling his or her needs over desires. The interesting thing about the mall, consuming and spending is: consumers are not just deceived into wanting what they don’t need/can’t have, they actually learn to satisfy needs by refashioning available products –see how this is playing into female (relationships) psychology? When you walk around the mall as a pure observer removed you will see countless women with their hubbies or borefriends (boyfriends) usually where? That’s right, clothing boutiques; picking out clothes for their ‘projects’ in hopes they will look just like that guy they would really want to fuck ( celebs, the fashion model on TV or hunk on the in-store poster) Women love trying to polish a turd. However, once that turd is fully polished she will get bored. Just like the rabid female consumer of today, when her needs are met and the thrill is gone, the gina tingles stop. And when the gina tingles stop, the hamster wheel starts a’ spinning.


What you may also notice while visiting the mall is that it is a place where each boutique has been properly geographically stationed in order to maximize its potential sales as well as appropriately conforms to look the way the developer wishes. With exits at its extremities and clocks nowhere to be seen, one is almost compelled to spend hours walking aimlessly around in circles. Women love doing this, the study even shows that out of the two sexes it is women who show higher amounts of satisfaction in their consumer experience.

mall 3

Why do you think you see so many men sitting on those benches outside the boutiques while their girls lose themselves in the magical fairyland of no time, expensive coffee and impossible to see exits?

Why is it that more women have credit card debt? Simple, Women don’t understand what money really is, its responsibility. So they spend it to try and get rid of that anxiety of not knowing. When women do not know, or are afraid, they are all so willing to hand that responsibility to someone else.

Men understand the mall deep down because they are the ones who built it. We know it’s a trap of the wallet yet most guys are blue pill and will do the act the blue pill way towards getting pussy; if that means spending hours with your girl in the mall, buying her things (make-up, panties, skirts, low-cutt tops, yoga pants –aka look at my butt and snatch pants) that she will eventually use to snag the HVM (high valued male) while she uses your provisioning. Poor way is the beta way. Women don’t want another shopping buddy; they have their girlfriends for that.

The malls sole purpose of course is for you to leave with an item you had no clue served any purpose to you. It can do so by sending you in circles with fountains, benches carefully positioned to entice shoppers into its stores. The place is entirely constructed so one feels isolated and secure in an environment built to resemble locations of much greater proportions, like an amusement park, or a modern male-female “relationship”.

The mall is a vicious circle as said above.

As above, so below.

Female psychology and behavior is also a vicious circle if not understood. There are more female shoppers because in today’s world the way women survive through men is through their wallets, and not through their physical protection. The mall is a tool for survival for women. Beauty is an ever fading asset that women need in order to optimize their dual sexual strategy of AF+BB. To maintain their entitled ‘kardashian’ lifestyles they must constantly be consuming their war paint and camouflage (make-up, clothes shiny things) in order to compete against other women for the ultimate prize: Hypergamy!, or the HVM at any point in their lives before the inevitable Wall).

mall 4

Alpha men in marketing, advertizing etc, created products and produced consumer goods in order to become wealthy and to keep the game going. The thing most guys (Blue Piller’s) don’t understand is that, in order to be successful with your wallet is to not get spellbound by your own creation. Pussy can do that to most men. The circle is: women want endless amounts of resources (money). They get the majority from men (you’re glorified secretarial job doesn’t count nor cut it right girls?). So women will use their beta boyfriends to boost or elevate their positions on the sexual market place (SMP) until they have been beautified to the point where they can swing to that next HVM branch. Most women can’t afford to do this (genetics, poor ‘girl game’ (it’s not hard, just be feminine), so they end up settling for any old bum who is dumb enough to not realize his own SMV and how it doesn’t peak until later in life for him. The only thing constant in this world is change; along with women’s hypergamy and solipsism.

So beware when your girl starts buying those new yoga pants, puts on more make-up than a circus clown or wants you to buy her new crotch-less panties or lingerie.

TIP: If you never see her wear them around you, gets dolled up for ‘work,’ or joins that new gym at the mall; the case may be is that she is looking to throw ‘her cat’ at some other dude. Don’t be that dude who settles for beta, because everyone seems to be that dude. You are better than that. Be that guy she wants to fuck, then you won’t have to go to the mall.