Veruca Salt: Today’s Modern Woman, A Spoiled Egg

veruca1When I look and see the behaviour of the majority of women [namely young adult women] today, Veruca Salt from the classic book and film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to mind. If there were a statue or symbol of today’s spoiled ‘gimmie dat’ woman, Veruca Salt takes the cake and eats it too. Veruca epitomizes the vacuum of endless impulse lusting that the modern female exhibits on a day to day basis. And you know what? It’s not solely her fault, for women are naturally herd like, sopolistic and are more susceptible to media programming, propaganda and indoctrination ( example: It was the woman’s vote that eventually brought Hitler to power in 1932).

You Can’t Compete with Suburban Dad’s or the Government

It’s half of young girls fault today that they are so terribly broken. The other reason for the shitty product that is today’s female has to do with their cul-de-sac fathers.

As a young man today it does not pay dividends to use Beta- provider game anymore when it comes to finding a decent woman. Unlike 60 years ago, when men acted as sole provider and protector of the female and family, today that role has been taken away and has been given to the government or state.

It is now easier for women today to just collect a check from daddy government or to run to it when they have an issue or problem with society. The government, as opposed to a man or husband, does not ask anything in return nor does it expect some standard that women should be held to in order to receive such privileges (which they truly are instead of ‘entitlements’). It is ironic because women today are still dependant on men [other men’s money] that they receive via a check from the government that has been accumulated through taxes [majority of the income tax comes from wealthy men]

With this, women of today since birth have their beta-bucks side of their hypergamy taken care of and do not seek it in the general populous of males. To add to this, most of your hot, young, tight and otherwise attractive girl today [ones that you gentlemen actually want to get with] more than likely come from well to do backgrounds where the father is some big shot CEO or office jockey with a 401k boner pension who does everything for his ‘little girl’. Again, why would a young hot woman today respond to more Beta-provisioning when she has plenty of it? Why do you think more women today seek out ‘bad boys,’ cheat on their boyfriends with the Denny’s waiter, or participate unabashedly in the hook-up culture?

Answer: Having the Cake Cock and eating it too.

That old expression when you here it is actually referring to female hypergamy, having the best of both worlds [aka “having it all”]. This is what the femcentric society openly admits now through media and other mediums; it is the celebrated norm of having their beta-bucks and Alpha-fucks guaranteed without consequence, stigma, or social shamming.

This is what men have to deal with today in the dating/sexual marketplace: a shitty product. A shitty product that suburban dads have spewed out from the cul-de-sac factories of every town and city in North America who will only respond if given ‘gina tingles’ [namely from aloof bad boys, drug dealers, Denny’s waiters, convicts, etc]. This isnt’t to say you should go out and commit a felony, but adapt the attitude and traits of said men. Women lie all the time and put on a show/illusion with their make-up, yoga pants, and faux caring attitude towards their girlfriends, so why can’t you?

Let’s face it, today’s men [young & old] have been left behind and lied to via the modern day femcentric order. The media, government, and education system have failed men collectively, duping the majority into a lifetime of beta orbiter status – service tools for the modern woman. You have to understand that everything from government policies, to legislation, educational practices and media stories have been set-up to protect the female primary culture and what has now been referred to by most in the manosphere as ‘Open Hypergamy’. It is about destroying the common man’s drive, biological role and economic capacity and transferring that to the government.

To rehash for less attuned readers of this blog: Hypergamy, refers to a woman’s natural and biological predisposition towards fulfilling a nescient need of a dual sexual strategy for survival (Alphafucks- BetaBucks). Whereas before, when the institution of marriage and its division of sexual roles (nuclear family) had been agreed upon by society and enforced, it efficiently kept Hypergamy in check allowing for one of the most prosperous economic periods in the history of the world. Now with things like no-fault divorce, easy access to welfare, the media programming of today and the celebration of single-motherdom the consequences of acting on the impulse of seeking out this dual sexual strategy has cause a social disorder and breakdown of a once prosperous society.

Yet, with all the changes that the Western world has gone through since the first shrills of feminism, men have still been taught, told and lectured to that their role as men and young boys is to “man up” –usually referring to a young adult male who is resisting the femcentric order in some way.

Here is a short list of ways ‘boys’ (according to the femcentric order) fall into that nagging category of ‘man-child’ that the obese princesses’ of today are referring to.

  • Refusing to marry one of today’s [majority] entitled, arrogant, selfish, fat, ungrateful women.
  • Partying too much with ‘the guys’ (aka not adhering to the feminine agenda/priority)
  • Being politically in-correct and not adhering to the socialist/liberal agenda of control and censorship of all things masculine.
  • Drafting a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage and or protecting ones assets in anyway shape or form as a practice of common rational sense in any legal binding agreement ( to which involves the state mind you).
  • Refusing to go out with her ugly friend on a date.
  • Refusing to be a ‘nice guy’ ( aka ‘carrying water’ for her, her friends, co-workers, the homeless and general handouts/ ‘gimmie dats’ to an otherwise perfectly capable human being.
  • Agreeing with this Blog post.

The list, to which I am sure is endless, is most likely an official list that you could find in the holy book of feminism, or in every relationship/dating columnist’s drawer at Huffington Post.

In short, whenever you hear ‘man up,’ or any equal variety of this behavior-curtailing parroted phrase, it means that you or a fellow man is not optimizing and agreeing to play the one side of a woman’s sexual strategy (the Beta-Provider side). Side Note: ‘man up’ is a form of a shit test to which is used to screen out the Beta’s from the Alpha’s normally if a woman is in the 27-35 age range.


Remember, it is at this stage in a modern woman’s life (27-mid 30’s) she is subconsciously or consciously seeking out her Beta-provider since she has had “her fun” on the Alpha Cock Carousel through her ‘party years,’ and is now looking to finally settle down ( i.e security since she most likely has mountains of debt in the form of student loans or credit). It’s ironic because the phrase aims to seek the opposite (Beta-behavior) to which smothers any gina tingles a woman may have for you as a man faster than a CIA operative with a pillow in the critical care unit of a Russian hospital. Again, prime example of how feminists are only good at shooting themselves in their own vagina when it comes to happiness and fulfilment Because the goal for any woman of course is to find a mate that is balanced in both Alpha and Beta for a long-term strategy [It’s rare]. Once a man submits (not in his biological nature to do so) to ‘manning up’ it instantly shifts the two gender polarities into chaos, and thus shatters attraction.

So what can you take from all of this?

Well to summarize it, you just can’t compete with such huge titans of industry [cul-de-sac dad’s & Socialist governments]. Woman have now accepted them with open arms and whitened smiles as their new beta provider.

Understand that once a woman has consolidated on her beta-bucks provider, whether that takes the form of a government check, her father paying her rent and tuition during her twenties (most women today are in school until they are 30), or some boyfriend borefriend she picked up along the way, she will always have a subconscious need to then pursue Alpha-Fucks for better genetics and short term breeding/gina tingles. Not all women will cheat on their borefriends, but most will or at the very least will want to[ Again, 70% of women today initiate divorce]

As a man it is your job to adapt to the world that surrounds you in order to fulfil your needs. The world today is not the shimmering pearl it was 50-60 years ago, it is more like a piece of dog shit left beside the mail-box waiting for someone to turn it into compost to grow a better tomorrow. That begins with men today understand what the world has become and that the odds are now stacked against you. So watch where you step, because that dog shit on the side walk can cause you to slip, fall and ruin your day.