Baby-Rabies & The Illusion of Society

baby rabies1The Wall has been discussed throughout the manosphere for a while and is a well known concept.

The Wall of course refers to a woman’s biology coming to terms with its eventual demise and loss of sexual value—gravity takes hold and the breasts begin to sag, the ass not as tight, the vag a loose sock and the skin an old catcher’s mitt. Granted, women still look decent and can look good well into the walls cycle, but let’s face it, when dick comes to puss nothing beats drilling a new well with higher netbacks.

With it [The Wall] comes a sexual blessing for all males – especially Captain Save-A-Hoes and beta males alike. Getting sex from pre-Wall women (ages 27-29), and from women who have already felt the grainy grooves from the brick against their backs (ages 30-37), is like dangling a piece of steak in front of a rabid ocelot. The issue most men need to understand with most women of this age range is that the dynamics of sex change for a woman. Sex for her shifts from the lust for kicks to locking in a resource ( her form of retirement) and of settling down after the party years are over just as  the strobe lights are on their last flicker.

The trend I have been seeing is that of most women having spent years in school, finally getting out with loads of debt and not being able to find a job, suddenly fall back on their biological imperative as a natural instinct or purely out of excuse as to why they can’t work: She’s now a “mother/wife” all of a sudden. That is why I have outlined here and here that getting women into the workforce is a huge waste of societal resources citing inefficiency.

A Flicker in the Vag

Baby-Rabies is common among women hitting the wall. The focus shifts away from Gina Tingles ( Alpha induced) towards the empty womb and biological void to which ANY man can satisfy (both Alpha’s and Beta’s). Just one hefty load and squirt from a willing sucker “Good man” to put out the dying flames caused by the ticking time bomb of mother nature to which has inflamed her cavern of hope.

Most women would prefer getting sex from the Alpha and having him provide, but most Alphas don’t stick around. It’s not in their nature. So many women either: A) Have what are called “starter husbands,” by getting pumped by a Alpha, and then subsequently divorcing due to him leaving and then latching on to a beta provider. B) Hooking a beta provider and thus sucker him into pumping her and then leaving him for an Alpha after the kid is born ( having him pay vaginamony of course) since women are always seeking an optimization and balance in their Hypergamous instincts. C) Keeping the Beta after getting pumped but then having an Alpha lover on the side to fulfil her long lost Gina Tingles found back in her college days.

Having heard and seen countless of stories from friends and men in general it is really eye-opening to step back and view it as a whole trend and not just individual stories. One can then see just how animalistic and primal we are as human, and how human females are. Society is just an illusion that tries to control this in order to profit from it. However, I think we have come to a point where our female-primary society just doesn’t care any more about hiding it. Woe is the man who is the beta-provider in this world because the sex he receives is out of duty and not lust. It is a psy-op of sorts in that the woman keeps the IV drip of marital sex on tap to maintain the illusion of their relationship and “love”. Women love men for what they can do for them. It is love, but a different form of love. They love what a man represents to them, and this is something that distinguishes humans from animals. We have consciousness about what we what and need and why we do things.

That is the illusion that most people forget. We are not “civilized” in the sense that we are better than the animal kingdom; we just think we are because we can. An animal does not think about these notions, it just does as it’s programmed. We have the ability to recognize our programming if we choose to. You can’t reform biology no matter how many pant suites you put on women and how many rom-coms Hollywood tries to shove down our throats with how they want us to believe women are ( not hypergamous). If Hollywood told the truth, the economy that we have right now (consumer) would collapse over night.

The multi-billion dollar wedding industry, IKEA, Home Depot,  fancy restaurants, divorce lawyers, marriage councillors and not to mention the majority of the retail industry that banks on beta-males lending credit to their girlfriends or wives to shop in order to fill the void of the mundane monogamy life with a Beta.

What do you call a pin-striped Gazelle with a Skirt?

Trick question: It’s still a Gazelle.

Of all species on the planet, human women are the only ones who fully understand the implications and that sex leads to a pregnancy/baby. The lioness who got pumped by some “alpha” dark maned lion makes NO association to her new cub from that event those many months ago. Not too many baby deer know who their daddies are, either. The males also don’t know how many cubs they have. He pumps a female and then trots off and could be at the other end of the Serengeti when she has a litter.

But women understand. And so do we.

If we were animals, we would just get it on and babies would all be accidents. There would be no “planned pregnancies’ – or abortions! Or pre-calculated negotiations. Present society has become the photo-negative of what nature has intended. A lioness doesn’t understand she is about to “hit the wall”. They don’t even know how old they are… or that their eggs are drying up and puss about to get hit the dust bowl era. Any understanding they have of this is pure animal instinct. So “baby rabies” (while biological) isn’t really. It’s social pressure and expectation. This is why women should not be able to just “get baby rabies”, invitro, or have a child RIGHT NOW because if they don’t, they may not have one at all. All of that is bullshit and a stupid reason to breed with her.

So, with that said a man should not give a shit about a woman’s “biological clock” just because she is in panic mode. If she were a monkey in nature, she would either have a baby because a male wanted to mate with her. Nobody gives a shit if a man can’t arrange to have kids. So when a 28-29 year old woman is clawing to get pregnant, break out the popcorn and ignore her with the same indifference.

She made it this far without prospects for a REASON.
Nature is simply weeding her out.

Men cannot say the same. Which is a good thing. The laws prevent men from having kids when they want to or NOT have kids when we don’t want to. Nature doesn’t make that decision for men.

That’s why when a woman can’t have kids, it is way more devastating. This is why women who went the ‘career’ route are now suddenly panicking and trying to fuck everything in sight, even if it is a Beta.