A Ph.D in Carousel Riding

Much of this post is inspired by some of last week’s economic data points that were released on the current employment/wage environment in the U.S that paints a mixed and confusing economic environment we find ourselves in today. The most notable data point being 55,807,000 women not being in the labor force; participation rate matching a 26 year low.

This has been going on for quite some time now, and in my opinion, means we are starting to feel the tremors from the cellulite-ridden legs of the Femcentric economy (consumer driven) breaking, and hitting the floor due to its own unproductive weight. The student loan debt bubble will have to burst eventually if women keep going to college to earn degrees in worthlessness only to be unable to pay off the debt; and adding nothing substantial to the economy except wealth transfer from ever increasingly scarce Beta-males.There are now more women out of the workforce than at any other time in the previous two presidential administrations; the hope and change that the majority of women saw in Obama can now be seen as nothing more than chump change that a pimp throws at his hoes.

The only difference now versus 2008 is that the Emperor has no clothes on when he’s getting his party horn jerked and slobbered all over by his adoring salivating voters, all the way down to his base. Throwing political facts aside, we are at this point in the economy for many other reasons as well.

Hopping Back on the Cock-Carousel

Taking on more student dick debt these days must be a new form of masochism.  This article from the NY Times explains the reasoning in standard Blue Pill naiveté. Sections in bold within the quotes below are Space Cadet commentary.

“Almost everyone in my program is female,” said Ms. Baker, who hopes a master’s degree will help her get a job running communications at a nonprofit group[That there is a small hint as to why most women earn less money compared to men]. “That’s partly because of the program, but also because as women we feel like we have to be more educated to be able to compete in really any field.[The labor market is saturated with degrees and “educated people,” employers want experience]

The majority of college goers today are young women who are getting worthless degrees in things such as Women Studies, Social Justice and the like; which include courses such as 16th Century Lesbian Poetry or Sex and Seduction in the French Novel. Women are obsessed with gender and sex. Don’t believe me? Go online to any college and University website, and look at the courses that you can take under those majors; fuel for the hypergamous hamster.

“Though young women in their late teens and early 20’s view today’s economic lull as an opportunity to upgrade their skills, their male counterparts are more likely to take whatever job they can find[Males are more creative and thus diverge when they don’t see value in something anymore]. The longer-term consequences, economists say, are that the next generation of women may have a significant advantage over their male counterparts, whose career options are already becoming constrained.[Laughable. The men are gaining valuable work ethic and experience, which is what employers are looking for, not someone who can regurgitate Queer Theory]”

Women in their late teens and early 20’s do not view today’s economic lull solely as an opportunity to upgrade their skills. It is a survival retreat back to the safe pockets and wallets of their sub-urban king (Daddy) since their male counterparts right now can barley support themselves and have to work shitty jobs because they have been squeezed out of the college system to which now caters to the Feminine Imperative to which men see no value in now. College is a hostile environment for males, who can’t even engage in normal sexual relationship behaviour without being accused of rape or being ‘misogynistic’. The simple fact is, women are realizing that they have shot themselves in the foot and have to nowhere to escape but to go back to the holding pen and hope that things just work out or they can charm a rich guy with the Golden Vagina Agenda (aka I have a vagina, you’re supposed to take care of me). Taking any job is just “too beneath” their qualifications in Feminist Studies.


Gina Tingles Are Fleeting, Like a Heroine High

An addict can never replicate that first high. Addiction is a very expensive habit.

My prediction is that of the opposite. Men will be the ones coming out on top due to getting experience, building character through the ups and downs of doing the dirty work that nobody else wants to do, and will get paid handsomely for it. The key for men is to go into job fields/ do the jobs that women don’t want to do ( i.e construction, labor, any trade for that matter) The market needs this and will pay males at a premium since the labor force is saturated with Starbuck’s sipping Non-profit hipsters, HR whores, PR sluts, and marketing cunts. All to which produce nothing of real material value to society.

Why does you’re Hitachi Vibrator work sweetie? Because some man is manning the power station late at night so you can Jill-off to 50 Shades of Grey after you and you’re girls go out to the bar and tease grind some Beta boys standing around the outside of the dance floor.

It’s all very convenient for the hypersexual woman of today – they can go to their Sexual Studies class, read some course content via Orgasms For two: The joy of Partner Sex by Betty Dodson, and then go to the club at night to try and get their Gina Tingles resolved, along with the male attention that their sub-urban father’s never had the time to give them ( probably too busy trying to make money to pay for their multiple degrees and lavish bar tabs).

Open Hypergamy is a very expensive and costly catalyst to an economy if left unchecked- which it has been since the first waves a feminism hit the shores of Western culture.  Women today are faced with two problems.

1) Their biological imperative (The Egg Timer/Dusty Muff Syndrome).

2) Feminist lies about ‘having it all’. The term ‘having it all’ is code = there will be men/beta males waiting for women after they are done riding the cock-carousel throughout their party years and once they have their ‘big girl’ job; which most are honestly glorified secretary positions, HR, PR and the like.

Through my own observations in college – and I am sure these observations are a common experience these days—yes, some women (rarely) were at school to study and work hard and did manage to graduate and find decent jobs. However, the vast majority that I knew either:

1) Dropped out

2) Got married while in college, and then dropped out.

3) Got knocked-up( multiple Plan B scenarios/ or abortion) and or dropped out to support the baby

4) Explicitly said they were there to “have a good time”.

5) Graduated, got a decent job but then got married… and quit said job

6) Graduated with a worthless degree in something like Underwater Basket Weaving, huge amounts of debt, can’t find a job or a beta-male to pay off debts (aka- went back to school).

To me as it stands, out of that list, the smart women were the ones who either:

  1. Dropped out (hopefully found a guy while they were still hot, tight and young)
  2. “Had a Good Time” then found a guy to cash in their Golden Vagina Ticket to some rich Blue Pill Poindexter who doesn’t mind that his wife’s gina looks like expired roast beef from the corner deli; so as long as she looks good for him at ‘events’ .
  3. Graduated, got married…never worked.

I say ‘smart’ from a women’s assumed perspective because those scenarios are all lazy, costly and an irresponsible way to an end result that could have otherwise been achieved via a dating website or just simply going out and finding a husband through normal social conventions that won’t cost $20-100,000 in student loan debt. In the end most women will submit to their biological hard-wiring of reproduction and the need spew out spawn. The prospect of going back to work or staying at home and raising the kids is an obvious no-brainer.

Women will always take the path of least resistance. Plus, with government assistance fruitful in this welfare ridden age, falling back on a different kind of husband (daddy government) is a good plan B. A Femcentric society will do everything in its power to protect the poor choices that women make ( aka the glorification of single mothers in being “brave”). Being brave today I guess means letting any old slag grease a woman’s love tunnel reputably even if the financial state of the women and aptness of the man( aka criminals, thugs, bad boys) isn’t suitable for rearing and supporting a child. Again, Gina Tingles always override logic.

Space Cadet’s prescribed alternate scenario for women if you are lurking here: a Beta-Boy offers you a drink at a bar; you let him finger you in the taxi on the way home, he is all too grateful to be the pleaser since he turns out to be a virgin. Bing badda BOOM he proposes to you at a Dodgers game 6 months from that fateful finger-bang in the back of that Yellow Crown Vic driven by an illegal immigrant named Hugo. Cost of that drink ($7). That taxi ride and the free finger-dip and Schlick ($20+ possible Gina Tingles) — And any other dates after the fact (total over 6 months a conservative $600 since he is a chump and you a legal prostitute), is priceless — when compared to the average female debt per student in America.

Why Can’t the MRS Degree Actually be a Real Degree?

The MRS degree is an old “joke”( it’s the truth) that women mainly go to post-secondary education hopes of landing a rich husband and to bob, up and down, on that cock-carousel. It was true when your mom went to school, and it hasn’t changed. In those days, it was pretty obvious and overt as to why most women went to college, but yet wasn’t frowned upon since the institution of marriage still kept hypergamy in check and hadn’t yet been perverted by today’s culture and Femcentric ideologies. Now, the Feminine Imperative has to hide that fact in order to allow Open Hypergamy to survive. What I mean is, say we were to do the logical thing and actually create such an item as an MRS Degree in the form of an on campus dating site where women could go to college to simply meet high quality men; kind of like the TV show Millionaire Match Maker. It would honestly put an end to the bullshit, not to mention the time and money wasted by fathers who send their little ‘princesses’ off to school, expecting to get a return on their equity, only to get back a daughter who has “life experiences” (proficient in giving bathroom blowjobs at dance clubs).

The reason why this is not possible is because it would ruin women’s ability to fully optimize their hypergamy through the post-education institution; which is fertile ground (pun intended) for short-term (AlphaFucks) breeding opportunity—“the party years”. A woman’s most fertile years are between the ages of 16-25 give or take. Female biology seeks out the best sperm ( AlphaSeed) during that age range, which so happens to come about during the college years. The majority of college aged women subconsciously or consciously use these years to ‘party’ and fulfill and act out their innate desire for Alpha Cock and then to later seek out a Beta-Bucks provider type for long term-provisioning and security. That is why, even if you are a male on campus now, the majority of women still want to sleep with 20% [As this article hints] of the male population on campus even though the ratios are in the neighborhood of 7 girls to every 1 guy. Even with that sexual market full-tilt towards the males having an advantage, if you’re perceived as Beta, you still will have a tough time getting laid.

“Jayne Dallas, a senior studying advertising who was seated across the table, grumbled that the population of male undergraduates was even smaller when you looked at it as a dating pool. “Out of that 40 percent, there are maybe 20 percent that we would consider[Alpha’s is what she really means by ”consider”], and out of those 20, 10 have girlfriends[Most likely multiple plates a’ spinning], so all the girls are fighting over that other 10 percent,” she said.[The Gina wants what the Gina needs]

Case in point, all your female dorm mates who have boyfriends that don’t even go to the college and are 35+. Why do you think campuses are teeming with selectively slutty women, and women who dress to the 9’s even when going to the gym or a god damn 3 hour lecture? Answer: EXTREME competition amongst the other 6 women a girl has to fight with for the HVM (High Value Male).

I personally knew lots of women in college who slept around, got pregnant, quickly found a Beta-Chump to sleep with ( knowing they were pregnant) and then said it was the Beta’s baby. This is an all too common story to which I know some of you have either witnessed or experienced in your time. That is an extreme and very primal example of what Female Hypergamy is in its rawest form which dates back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Colleges and Universities are literal suck and fuck bang-buffets which is basically High-school on steroids. Women are no more mature in College then they were in High-school. In fact, women are even more extreme in their hypergamous pursuits because more is at stake and on the line in the quest for an Alpha; the competition increases due to the gender ratio and point and time in their lives.

Back to School Means Back to Basics

With the record number of women returning from the battlefield of the labor force, not ever firing a shot, and some of which are permanently hanging up their shoulder-padded pant suits, means we are witnessing a hamster in distress reverting back to a strategy that once worked for them before. The ones hanging up their pant-suits, and taken off their awarded chevrons for touching the mythical “glass-ceiling,” are reverting back to domesticity in the care of a husband. The other’s who are going back to school have either no husband, or prospects (since they are probably close to the Wall and the fact that men are wiser in their prime SMV ( 30+), and are going back to “upgrade” their skills – meaning: trying to get the easy male attention that graced their Golden Goose Lips once before. The problem with that strategy is, it only works once whilst in the sunny glow of peak female SMV (age 16-25) and will be harder to find a guy back at college when a woman is 30+ and now has to compete with the statistical 6 other women ( who are now all younger, hotter, and tighter). The problem is, who is going to bail all these debt ridden women out?



The government?

The problem isn’t women per say. It is our culture’s willingness to allow their natural nature ( Hypergamy) to go unchecked[ the collapse of the family unit] and to run rampant with reckless abandon. It is the allowance of stupid worthless courses to be taught at colleges and Universities and the proclamation that everyone needs to “get an education” regardless of if there will be any return value on that degree.

If there were only traditionally difficult subjects, productive fields, courses, and standards that were not watered down to allow for an “equal playing field” we wouldn’t have this economical mess of degree inflation and wasted household finances if it were not so ‘trendy’ to go to college. The problem is also how easily accessible student loans are, and to add, how naïve parents are thinking that their little princess, who has straight C’s –enough to get into college these days—and, who blew the entire football team at a field party, is serious about being a Lawyer; only to find that their princess drops out 2nd year to go live with a drug dealer (True story). Remember, women live in the NOW and do what FEELS good.

It’s all about the Vag Twinges and fairytale orgasms, and honestly, this economy will burst at some point due to an overload of stored up Gina Tingles in the proverbial debt-clit that is the female student loan bubble; contracting this economy into a earth shaking hellish climax.


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