The Female Hunting Strategy: Throwing the Cat

cheating2Throwing the Cat (TTC) for all to see, is lesson one in Hypergamy.

The picture to the left demonstrates TTC in all of its manipulative, bent and primordial glory. Throwing the Cat (pussy) in front of men can take the form in a variety of ways, and for reasons in the multiple. However, the bottom-line is to ultimately serve a woman’s strategy in obtaining male attention in order to enrich her life in the form of gaining resources, or in the above case, an A on her math test from men.

The interesting thing about this strategy is that in the female jungle not all are on board with it, because not all can pull it off; just like how not all males can be true Alpha’s. The women who opt for TTC are usually the natural hotties, the ones receiving backdoor whispers, angry leers, and derogatory comments from other women who have noticed her behavior/appearance. The reason why you hear women shaming their fellow comrades who opt to TTC is because the ones who “slut it up” or “give it up” too easily for men are ruining the bargaining power of the Golden Vagina in a sexual market.

Women trade access to their sex just like any commodity you would find in the stock market Futures. If more women make sex too easily accessible in the sexual market, it de-values the currency of pussy, and makes it even harder for other women to consolidate commitment (a male resource) from men.

TTC is female baiting, and is a form of the Samson Option for them. Displays of it occur in a society that is in decline or waning economically, thus there being fewer HVM (high value males) and a glut in the supply of Betas. A declining economical environment is a threat to Female Hypergamy and usually prompts primal behavioral tactics; or in today’s case, under-cutting your fellow woman in the Pussy fields.

Women who TTC will attract the whole horde, the majority being Beta males unable to control the psychological mind-spell that will grip their dicks and encourage humiliating displays of beta vag kissing. It in a way acts as a good screening process to weed these sex starved jackals out of the moist jungle canapé where they don’t belong. On the other hand, TTC will eventually attract the Alpha, and hopefully quickly enough before the other women do. It is a form of cheating, and that is why women are usually the first ones to cry “slut” in regards to their own gender. This is because the girl who TTC understands that the fasted way to extract attention and resources from other men is to strike at the heart of male biology – his ball sack. Make his sperm dance first, and his wallet will wipe up the mess she made.

The best thing that feminism did for men in the sexual market is that it made women unsuspectingly de-value their vagina’s through You-Go-Girlism, “Sexual Empowerment” (aka adopting male sexual behavior). With that being the case, now the majority of women are at war with each other in ever greater intensity to attract any sort of male attention; looking for scraps of gina tingles in the proverbial alleyway of Open Hypergamy. The way most women dress today is a symptom of this, and men who own companies like Lululemon are geniuses; now even the average woman out there can throw their cat just as hard. The playing field isn’t quite level, but it has definitely been diluted with smoke and mirrors.


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