50 Shades of Grey: Why Paper-Porn Wins Over Women Today


It has been long believed and assumed in modern culture that women want and desire close, loving relationships. However, when their arousal is actually measured, they get turned on by sex with hot strangers.

The reason 50 Shades of Grey is so popular with women today [especially] is because there is an extreme deficit of strong dominate males in Western populations and culture. The modern male today [in a majority sense] has been so debased, feminized and emasculated through feminism that women have actually created this market all by themselves without realizing it.

The Romance novel market is a billion dollar industry and its ever growing since there is such huge demand for women today to escape into worlds, characters that they desire. It’s a true shame because today’s feminine imperative goes out of its way to berate masculinity, Alpha-ism, machismo, and the like that women have to resort to touching themselves in the movie theatres under their pop-corn bowls in order to feel what it would be like to be with an Alpha or masculine man.

Even though there are literally thousands of books and movies like 50 Shades of Grey you must be asking why was this one better than the rest? It’s a good question because to start the writing in the book is absolutely horrible and could have been written by a middle-school student. The thing about having a female audience is that women, when they read, tend to care more about how the words make the feel and not so much about the grade level at which they are consuming those words. If tingles are in-bound women just don’t care about it after a certain point. So, scratch literary master-piece off the list. No, what 50 Shades of Grey (the author) understood was female psychology and either purposefully or accidentally exposed what women today REALLY want under the guise of fiction. That is, it exposed a lot of women’s secret and actually common fantasy that many people (even women) like to deny.

Things like rape fantasy (spontaneous sex more like it) for one are actually a common turn-on for most women. Rape in the sense that it is controlled and in a safe setting- the specific fact though is that the male has to be considered Alpha (or of the best genes) by the woman. Unwanted sex from Betas or “lesser,” “creepy” men is considered rape by most women because they do not wish to be penetrated and thus get impregnated by low-quality sperm. That is why there is the whole paradox in the bar-scenes of women dressing up like “sluts” and calling most on lookers “creepy” but will happily allow advances from the %10 of men (the good looking ones).

It all boils down to women seeking Alpha. Is it any surprise that the fan base for the novel and movie are married women? Coincidence, I think not. There are a lot of bored horny women out there today. So, if you’re a writer you might want to think about writing that erotic novel.