College Degrees Are Worthless


Most college degrees are completely worthless. Higher education today in itself is watered down to the point where any moron can attend- all they have to do is get daddy to pay for it or take out a student loan and contribute to the debt driven economy that you see today.

According to a new study, college students are spending one-fifth of their time in class on their cell phones or digital devices when they should be learning. The study was done by the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.Researchers say the main culprit is texting. Almost 9 out of 10 students reported that texting was their main diversion during class. About three-quarters say they emailed or checked the time on their phones.70-percent reported checking social media, such as Facebook. Nearly half reported surfing the web, and 1 in 10 spent class time playing games.

More worthless are the students who attend these colleges who’s idea of learning is to show up to class (most don’t even) and post on instagram, check who they will be fucking soon on Tinder, or posting on Facebook. College these days is a complete joke when it comes to higher learning. Whenever you hear some liberal arts student or any young person today claim they are so “educated” know that what educated means today is not what it meant decades ago- just look at the quality of the economy and the total lack of hustle in today’s youth. All they know how to do is how to gain followers, play beer-pong and suck in the real world economy. The courses have to be dumbed down to a point so that these kids don’t cry and whine because they are on the verge of failing.

However, let’s not blame the kids so much because it will hurt their feelings and they will require more safe spaces so their fragile little egos can remain bolstered.  The people really at fault are the leaders and adults in the education institutions that have allowed for this type of learning environment to manifest. Here is an idea to curve the social media use in class if you’re a professor: restrict and ban cell phones. If someone is texting or on Facebook in your class all you have to do is lower their grade on the next exam.

These “young adults” behave like spoiled children, so treat them like it. Make them rise and fall on their own accord like adults. It’s a lot to ask for these days because education and especially high educational institutions have been commoditized in where a degree is a piece of paper bought and paid for with tuition. Students believe that since they pay tuition that automatically means they should get that piece of paper because all they know is how to be a consumer. I paid for this so I am owed the value of that item even if I didn’t do any of the work required to earn that item. That is the fault of the leaders in education who care more about a college’s bottom line than turning out actual scholars.

Higher education today is nothing more than a machine spitting out tomorrows average consumers. It’s not to spit out a Steve Jobs or a Zuckerberg, it’s to cough up your average suburbanite with loads of credit card debt, your eat-pray-love women who end up having to sponge off some poindexter after they blew all their money  giving Bahaman blow-jobs on the beach or prancing around Europe looking for foreign cock. When so many people are allowed to obtain something, that item becomes less valuable: Degree Inflation. Degrees now are worthless.