Western Women Using the Honey-Pot

honey pot

The Honey Pot has long been used as a term in espionage. It is a sting operation that involves one going undercover to seduce an (usually high profile) individual into a compromising position for future extortion purposes. Most recent high profile case was involving the ex- Russian spy Anna Chapman who was a Russian national living in New York when she was arrested, along with nine others back in 2010, on suspicion she was working Illegals Program Spy ring.

Does this sound familiar in normal pedestrian life?

Modern women today may not be as clever as CIA or KGB spies, but the majorities do share common characteristics when it comes to taking advantage of Beta men and the average Joe. We always hear of countless tales and stories of women purposefully not taking their birth control to get pregnant to trap a guy financially. Many men today have most likely experienced the 6 month epiphany where the girl they have been dating, screwing and generally having a good time way suddenly changes her habits and behaviours and thus not the gal you thought she was. She starts to nag you, push for more intimacy and your time. She always used to split the bill or offered but now she is citing “money” issues all of a sudden. You two were having fun and she never mentioned that anything should change or that the amount of time being spent on her was more than enough. You both agreed on that the relationship was casual, you even told her flat out that you aren’t “boyfriend material” and she eagerly nodded and fucked you. Now she is pushing for a marriage proposal and starts to get baby-rabies all of a sudden.

Most women today for some reason are increasingly becoming honey-pots knowingly or unknowingly. It is in a woman’s nature to use covert means to hide their true agendas but some are just blatant. Most are not but there are some red flags to look for.

She is WAY out of your league (even by your standards)

If a girl gets all of sudden interested in you out of nowhere or she never used to be but now she thinking your solid gold may be think on it while your playing hide the zucchini with her. If you don’t have a huge rep, or if you have lots of money she may be after your dough’$ and not your play-doh.

Things are just TOO good in the beginning

The sex is constant, she even cooks for you. She is laughing at all your jokes and never judges anything. But then comes a day 4-6 months in that she starts to complain about mundane shit. She starts asking for more commitment and time from you. Suddenly you’re spending too much time with your friends now and not enough with her. The wants become more and the doing on her part becomes less. You sir are being honey-potted. She dressed up like a dish for you in the beginning and worshipped your every word because she was buttering you up, pumping your ego so that she can at some point slowly start to turn the screws and begin the demanding phase. It’s not genuine. When you don’t give into her petty demands (we are talking really stupid shit like not letting her know about where you are going all the time) she gets defensive and retreats from looking good all the time, cooking for you and doing all the things that you thought were genuine but in fact was a ploy to extort you later down the road so that you invest in her. You were upfront with her about what kind of a relationship you wanted and you thought she shared the same. Suddenly the house of cards falls because the game is up. You thought she liked you for you why doesn’t she any more? It’s because she knows she can’t get anything from you once you decline her ultimatums. You don’t want to be Beta Bucks, your cock should be good enough.

She “forgets” to take her BC

It’s pretty much a lazy and impossible excuse to forget to take birth control in modern times. The damn thing is idiot proof- The pills come in a dated package and is usually by the bedside. How do you forget to take it before bed every night? It’s right fucking there! Plus, if you’re a woman and you’re on BC one would think you are serious about not getting pregnant. If you are totally serious about remaining childless free you wouldn’t forget to take it as for most young women today having a child is not something they can afford given that most ladies today are in sever amounts of credit card debt and a wash in student loan debt. However, I guess there is always daddy government in the background just in case that deadbeat knocks her up. Maybe that is the cause for BC amnesia?

She was on BC but now changes her mind with you

Citing that in the “future” she wants kids and being on BC in the long run can mess up a woman’s cycle and chances of becoming pregnant she now has a change of heart. She asks “what do you think?” This is dangerous as she has considered that getting pregnant now is not a big deal or she says things like “well, if I got pregnant today it wouldn’t be the worst thing.” Fucking run. Now all of sudden your girl is taking serious when all the while you thought this was casual. What’s going on here? What is going on is that this was the agenda all along and now she thought that this was the perfect time to ease into her agenda as she thinks she has put enough butter on your ego bread.

She always shows herself in the best light

Every time you come over her room is clean or she is busy in the kitchen cleaning, reading or generally keeping “busy”. -Claiming that she is SO organized all the time and very independent. Then you down the line you start to see cracks in her persona. Why does she have so much trouble with her finances if she is always so organized? Missing payments and forgetting to do things with friends and family or her job. Nobody is perfect so why fake it? Before and when you were starting to see each other she was always hitting the gym and now she has stopped going or has been skipping. Why is she stopping and being lazy? Is she doing it because it is healthy or was she doing it to attract a guy (we know the answer to that). Most of what everything a woman does is to attract resources from men and the old fashion way is through the body and making it look good like a shiny product on the shelf.

When the relationship ends she is with someone new almost immediately

Women don’t love men the same way men love women. If one branch isn’t working for them in the way they want they will happily swing to the next one and on and on we go. Western women in all there instant gratification programming and entitlement issues treat today’s men like iphones, if one breaks the new one comes out next year or is around the corner. The problem, however, is that women eventually have to face The Wall at some point.

In closing, don’t be like Pooh and stick your whole head into the honey-pot. Just get some of that sweet nectar as you wouldn’t want to get a stomach ache or in the case of the real world, a giant headache for years to come when you are stuck for life inside of a now dry honey-pot that was once full of that desired sweetness.


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