Teen Moms: Worse than a Terrorist Threat to a Nation


Not only are ‘Teen Moms’ and ‘Single Moms’ an economic burden on society, they can be also be a deadly threat.

Take the recent case out of Mexico City. Rats gnawed a Mexican newborn to death after her teen mom left the child home alone to go kick up her heels, according to a report.

Lizbeth Jeronima Fuentes Munguia, 18, went out to kick up her heels at a dance-party in the town of Otumba, leaving her 4-month-old daughter at home in Acolman, near Mexico City. Rats chewed a four-month-old baby to death after her 18-year-old mother left her at home to go to a party.

The little girl’s face and fingers were mauled by the rodents as she lay in her crib at home in Acolman, Mexico, on Monday night. It was not until the teenage mother, Lizbeth Jeronima Fuentes Munguia, returned home after midnight that she discovered the child bloodied and lifeless in her crib.

Despite her negligence, every excuse in the book is being made for her. A charge has not been laid as of yet, unbelievable. The Feminine Imperative knows no bounds of stupidity.The girl most likely needed to find another guy to leech off of for money for her kid- that’s why mommy went to happy hour, to find another dead beat, is this surprising? Using child-support money to fund her deadbeat extracurricular is the likely case for this puta.

It is a well known and constant cycle these types go through, cycling through men and spreading their legs for more resources and more government cheese. Yet, they are “Oh So Brave” and deserve respect. Sorry, respect is earned not entitled. There is o much lack of accountability and just general common sense it is frightening. You are a mother; your priorities are at home now since you made the choice to allow semen to be shot up into you, caking your inner wall. Unproductive consensual sex is not an “oppsie” sweetheart and babies don’t just take care of themselves. Plus, if you have deadly rats in your home why are you having kids? Get your life together and maybe clean your home first before you ask that deadbeat over to baby-batter your Chalupa.



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