Dating Women & The Stock Market


The stock market is one of the more complex systems today, which we can use for this purpose.

By dissecting the behaviors, movements and roles that occur in the stock market, we may be able to better understand why we are attracted to certain types of people, why certain people are attracted to us, how we can improve our strategies and who we are, hypothetically, best suited for in varying life circumstances.

In each relationship, one person is predominantly the Investor while the other is predominantly the Stock. While both are investing in each other in some way, to a certain degree, the Investor has more to lose than the Stock.

Likewise, while both are proving their value to each other in some way, the Stock has more to prove than the Investor.

General rule of thumb: You are the Investor if you are more attracted to people based on their ability keep up with you and/or make you look better. You are the Stock if you are more attracted to people who have the ability to support you, better you or otherwise believe in you.

As a man you should always be the Investor, the one who is seeking value and is picky about how he chooses to invest not only time but money- Since both money and time equal each other and are the most important tools in a man’s belt. You should by no means gamble with women, but make calculated judgments as to how much you are willing to invest in a particular women and what type of relationship you want out of her. Like women as in stocks, not all are the same and not all are suitable for certain types of investing/trading.

When you enter the world of stock markets a man usually finds that he is a certain type of investor. Are you a day-trader who seeks short term gains PUMP & DUMP? Or are you a BUY and HOLD type of guy who wants a well respected company that pays out dividends and is relatively safe?

Dividend stocks= Marriage material girls that are a relatively safe bet and put out dividends. These dividends come in the forms of a monthly allowance of sex, cooking and blowjobs as well as doing domestic things like looking after the tykes while you do your man business. This “stocks” are sort of hard to find in today’s world and as such they come with an expensive price tag, just like “Blue Chip” companies would. These girls are your Chryslers, Walmarts, Sears, Bank of America types.

Penny Stocks= Young women companies who may have potential but for the mean time you pump and dump them (i.e trade them on the daily, weekly basis) so that you make some quick capital gains while you see them grow and hopefully mature into wife material. Like hot young women, the young companies usually tend to be the most risky and exciting to invest time and money into while the dividend paying companies tend to be boring and predicable. Hot girls are like that new and exciting tech company that just IPO’d vs. that utility company that’s pays a steady 8% predictable yield.

Day Trader= Doesn’t have to be with penny stocks, it just means that you prefer not to marry the stock so you hold it for a bit, then sell when you think you have gotten the best deal from the girl company.

Real world economics and market behaviors mirror real-world dating. As a Red Pill man you already know that dating is economics.




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