Women Are Always Auditioning for Mrs. [Your last name]


Things are always great in the beginning for a reason. Ever notice this? It’s because every woman is on their best behavior to get you to sign on. It’s what we touched on a bit here in the post Western Women Using the Honey-Pot.

Like the Big Bang Theory, the character Penny was über feminine. Long flowing hair, tight clothing that amplified her assets- just a delight to watch the show to stare instead of listening to the nerd-gasms. Then, Penny went dyke-cut on everyone. It’s almost like she got married and quit life…

In a way, Penny exemplified Western women’s behavior today when they eventually get a man to sign those commitment documents that pretty much say she owns you ( today it’s not patriarchy that owns women…you can thank the Court system for hating men now). Women today know that they have total control over a man if he is so stupid and foolish to sign that marriage document.

After that happens, and then come the dyke-cuts, the weight gain, the increasing demands and ultimatums, and even the adultery. When it comes down to it, feminism and modern women today want both of their sexual strategies optimized. They want the plan B guy to marry so they have security while they treat him like less than human all the while texting ex-boyfriends or flirting with other men on Facebook in order to secure a trade up for the future divorce that has a 50% chance of happening these days.

Oh yes, in the beginning she will cook for you, dress for you, give you tons of blow-jobs and sex. Then, once she butters your ego all up and she feels comfortable in the relationship, all of a sudden the I.V drip of sex starts and it begins to become a tool or weapon she uses against you– YOU because she has made YOU as a Beta now. Once she has all her tampons at your place or her cat is now living at your place as well, you’ve already gone too far.  Once you signal that role you are stuck with it. Never signal that you are a provider because you will always get fucked, and not in the way you are thinking.

How do you avoid all of this?

Never ever signal to her that you are more than her fuck buddy.

Never meet her friends. Why would you want to meet people who are just going to pass judgements on you and what you two do anyways? Make no mistake, her friends don’t care about you nor are they going to be thinking good things about you. What if you guys break-up? You think her friends are going to want to hang out after with you? Get fucking real.

Meeting the parents is a signal that you want more or that you want to be her beta provider. Bad idea if you don’t want commitment. All her parents are going to do is constantly try to sell you their daughter on reasons you should tie the knot.

When it comes down to it, you always want to be with the best of her. Like Penny in Big Bang Theory we got the best in the beginning, and then she got comfortable. Penny took advantage of her stay; she always had the male audience in the palm of her hand for 9 seasons. And even with the change, guys still watch the show signalling that they are O.K with the ‘new’ Penny. I stopped watching as soon as the scissors took that first blade of her lush hair. I demand better, and so should you.



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