5 Ways the Average Guy Can Attract Hot Women


Being Mr. Mint Green button-down casual in a pair of Dockers is how I would describe the majority of Western men. You know what I am talking about- The guy who works some managerial job at Pep Boys who posts on Facebook about the game, talks to women on at the bar about his stable job, and is generally predictable with his usual drinking habit of only ordering Bud Light: the Beta boob.

The weird thing about society is that it seems everyone [men especially] complain about their lack of success/standing out yet they all gravitate towards the same thing or do the things that they believe through cultural wisdom will garner success. Everyone buys the same phone, watches the same Netflix shows, drinks the same beer, and tries to get that boring yet stable job. Here is a hint, being average and aiming for average goals like the rest of your friends isn’t going to get you that big balled lifestyle that everyone wants. How could you possibly think that if you do average things it will equal an above average lifestyle and quality?

Being bland and like everyone else will only solidify your position in the herd. You want to be a black sheep even if that means being disliked. That’s the kicker. Everyone wants to be liked so they follow everyone else. The real value however is in the novelty of things. Mainstream is boring- just look at the T.V news/radio business today: its perishing. To get quality and bangable women these days the first and foremost thing you have to do is not be like every other beta boob out there. The key thing to note is that in life there will always be someone else better than you, some other guy. Who gives a fuck, let that shit go and focus on what you can control and bring to your table.

  1. Have Something About You That Sets Your Value Apart

It’s critical to have something about you that makes you stand out and I am not talking about wardrobe [although style is also vital]. I am talking about that factor that will make women start to think about you in interesting ways and peek their curiosity. What do you think will give a girl tingles “ Oh my….he works in an office like everyone else. That gets me so wet knowing that he pushes paper all day and secretly farts at his desk when everyone else is on break at noon.” Or  “Oh wow, he is an author, an artist, in a rock band, travels etc. The point is you know that every time you engage in a conversation with women that they at some point are going to want to size you up to see if you are a beta boob or a jerk boy bad-ass who they would like to fuck (that’s what’s going on when they ask you about your ‘job’). The key is, even if you work in an office, never say that’s your job. Always mention the cool and more exciting hobbies you do. If those exciting ‘hobbies’ are your job than that’s even better. This way you weed out the gold-diggers and women who are looking to settle with any guy so they can get married and make their friends jealous. Stable is boring and will only get you into trouble with women because they will size you up as their white Knight to save them from their poor financial choices and student loans.

2. Be a Ghost or CIA Agent

Not in a literal sense, although that would be bad-ass. The point is, live your life almost as if you were that important. This means having an air of mystery around your life that will make you seem challenging. Don’t always be available, don’t always return texts or calls right away, and keep your mouth shut about where you are going on vacation or what you’re doing on the weekend. All those things will be revealed naturally when people ask you what you are doing and where have you been. Then you can mention all the cool shit you have been up to. The point is to not be like your typical Twitter or Facebook whore, who posts their whereabouts and happenings every single minute. You want women to be thinking off what you are doing as that’s where the real anticipation and intrigue is born. If you are so inclined and can’t help yourself, post a picture of a trip to Vegas or whatnot having an amazing time but leave it at that to get the imagination juices flowing. Keep them guessing, keep their mind occupied by the thought of you and what you could be doing rather than what you are doing. Women love fantasy, so give them one they create on their own without doing any work.

3. Don’t Be Conversationally Average

Read books, travel to places, have stories. In order to be truly interesting you have to do interesting things and that brings us back to the beginning. Don’t be average. The average asshole in the office doesn’t read, doesn’t travel to interesting places, doesn’t do cool shit. You know why? -Because it’s risky. The guy in the office has a ‘stable job’ that is mind numbingly boring as fuck, and for some reason is SO important to him that he doesn’t want to lose it. Or because he was an idiot, got some homely chick pregnant and now is stuck in the vicious cycle of needing that job in order to afford that beta boob lifestyle of going to work, having his wife and kids yell at him, and going back to work the next day. Does that sound fun? Does that sound interesting? I don’t think a 24/7 hostage scenario would be fun for any man. And that’s the problem, when you live the life of a beta boob, your conversations will only revolve around your stupid job and your kids. You know these guys right? Every single time you talk to them they are bitching and moaning like a beaten dog about how their wife has reduced their sexy time down to a once a month hand-job- rolling her fingers around the tops of his pyjama banana. Fuck man, it’s depressing.

4. It’s all about illusion

Women do it all the time with make-up, high heels, yoga pants, leggings, lipstick etc. So why don’t you? Make yourself seem cooler as women make themselves seem more beautiful. You don’t have to be rolling in the money to look put together/interesting. Get that new wardrobe that fits your body right, lease a cool vehicle that screams “he fucks” not “he’s going to soccer practice.” Again, you aren’t trying to display wealth (that’s beta boob), you are trying to display lifestyle and image and what kind of role you want to play in women’s lives. Just as you don’t seek homely qualities in a woman (fat, baby obsessed, and marriage anxiety), you seek bangable experiences, which means your eat-pray-Yolo-love type girls who have panache for a good fuck to grease those velvet drapes.

5. Don’t make them a priority

If there is one crucial thing about all of this it is that value and economics play a hug factor in the sexual marketplace. You as a man always want to be giving value and not trying to be on the buyers side of things- that’s for beta consumers. You are a producer of your own reality; you are the one who is selling to women. You want them to be interested in you and not the other way around. By not making them your priority you signal to them so many different Alpha qualities that it is powerful. Not being a needy boob, having your own life, your own rules and your own attitude signals that they need you more than you need them. This is probably the single most valuable lesson in life, yet it is the hardest to learn and internalize. This is what I believe to be the biggest factor in the 80% of men’s lives today. For some reason, most men today don’t make themselves priorities; every one of them seems to go for servitude or slavery first. It’s mind-boggling to see in the work world and the sexual market place. Most of the jobs men trap themselves in are soul sucking and not worth the time, and most women who them get trapped by and allow themselves to be trapped by, are not even of good quality (5’s and 6’s on average when you look around you). Why do men today have the “This is as good as I’ll ever get” attitude.

Closing remarks

You are a man. Start acting like one today. Fuck being politically correct and just start being correct. Correct yourself if you have fallen prey to the feminized culture where men are not equal, but are second class citizens. Understand that you can have more in life and that it’s O.K to want to be better. Who ever wanted average? In today’s world there is no reason to be average. We have the ability to do so many different and cool things, go and travel to far places like never before and be who ever we want to be thanks to the internet and modern technology.


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