Why Milllennials Will be the Poorest Generation

spending more

It’s your attitude that is poor. A poor mind will give you a poor life.

People today, and especially the younger generations simply don’t understand, or lack for some reason, basic financial practice. Yes, the economic situation is dire but that doesn’t explain the stupidity of most young people today. For being the most “educated” generation, millennial adults for some reason lack basic financial skills and knowledge about how money works. If the economy is truly bad, why the Yolo and why do you live a lifestyle that you can’t afford yet?

Living a wealthy lifestyle, bad economy or not, takes not only hard but it takes the will to even want work for it-work to achieve but also understanding how to use money. Money is value, and anytime you spend your money it should be on things that have a net-back value or return on investment. Yes, from time to time [if you can afford it] spend your money on some frivolous things but that’s only if you can. You see it all the time out in the world, I know it’s not just millennials, but this post is directed towards them because of the staggering moronic financial behaviour that this generation possesses.

An article that came out today illustrates the dire straits that most millennials are in and will be by age 30 due to reckless and inefficient spending habits. Everyone wants to be a big shot but can’t back it up. Stopping propping your Kardashian lifestyle up with credit card debt and maybe actually build real wealth and then you can live that big lifestyle.

How the fuck do you have no money saved or have that horrible of a credit score before age 30? By statistical standards you haven’t even been married and divorced yet to even begin to ruin your financial future! By other stats you should still be living at home with your parents like most millennials do in their 20’s, so where is money going kids? You should have little to no expenses really. But no, you have to go out and get that Starbucks to feel important, buy those shoes at the mall, or go on all those expensive vacations to impress your friends on Facebook. These are generalizations, but it’s true.

Most young people don’t even invest their money and have little to no understanding of stocks or the broader market. You don’t have to be a genius to invest in stocks; it just takes time and hard work as well as research to make quality decisions. I know this is asking a lot from millenials to put effort into things but that’s how you make big money. Instead of jacking off to a video game or watching Gossip Girl go do something productive with your time if you’re sick of being poor. Get rid of that “the world owes me” mentality that the majority of reprobates have today. You will get nowhere in life with that single- mommy lazy attitude.

I guess it’s much easier to watch Netflix and ignore all the ways that you could be growing the money that you have. It seems young people are scared of stocks and investing because a) they probably don’t have a lot of money because they spend it all on stupid shit that wont net back any return or b) saving money is harder than spending it/more boring. Think investing in stocks is risky? It is. Is it taking a gamble, sure but you risk getting into a car accident every day when you drive your dads car around town gallivanting. So why not take a calculated risk, better yet, invest in dividend paying stocks so that there is money coming into your account regardless of whether or not the stock goes up or down.

When you buy that fucking iPhone you dont get money into your back account, when you buy those stupid shows that you will only wear once its money gone forever so what is worse? Did you know that if you buy the cheapest coffee at Starbucks for every business day of the year (like most people do) you are losing minimum $500 a year just on coffee that you could brew yourself at home for more than half the cost per cup? That’s $500 that you mine as well go fucking gamble with then at the casino because its dead money anyway. And hey, maybe you’ll win it big just like every other loser there. Why not put $500 every year into a dividend paying stock that pays 6%? That’s just one fucking idea that is way more useful. What’s that? That doesn’t sound exciting? well I hope you like eating cat-food when your age 70 living on the dole, and rummaging through the $0.99 reduced produce rack at the local supermarket.

I don’t know, money to young people today is treated like a disease in which they want to get rid of immediately “ Oh, $50 dollars in my bank account from work…better go spend it!” It’s like they are all programmed like robots to consume. Money also equals responsibility and it just shows further that millennial hate responsibility, so it all makes sense now. Think I am wrong? Well, I am just trying to rationalize the stupidity of people so maybe you can tell me why you have no money and the reasons why you think owning a credit card means to make purchases that you today can’t pay for.

When you have a credit card it doesn’t mean you have infinite money, you have to pay what you owe off after every month or you are charged a ridiculously high interest rate for your stupidity. That’s how credit card companies enslave you and make money, off of your stupidity. When you have credit and a credit card, use it on things that you can afford right now and today; you should be asking yourself if there is money in your bank account right that second to pay for your purchase.

The reason why this whole topic is so important is because at the end of the day our society for some reason bails out stupidity and the tax payers and successful people of this world will have to bail your ignorance out with food stamps when you’re out on the street or in government housing because you thought YoLO was the way to go.

Look at your city around you; you see that, you see that decay in the landscape? That third world landscape that is creeping into you city is called stupidity and it shows in the peeling paint off of buildings, the crack whores in the streets and the single mom’s pushing strollers to the liquor store. Money is a tool that can either destroy you or make you. Start using it wisely.


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