Why Most Relationships Fail


bell-curveModern day sexual relationships between men and women have a short lifespan on average. The real issue today is that women still, for some reason, expect the 1950’s treatment and commitment from men even though hypergamy runs wild in the streets with every party-gurl and every claim of “independence”. Why would a modern man take a modern woman seriously when cuckoldry and divorce is a symptom of today’s relationship market? The word fail in the title of this post refers to the failure of either genders sexual strategy. It’s a sort of an ambiguous word because in the end the relationship is doomed for one gender as only one strategy can win. For men, the failure is becoming trapped into a sexless LTR or marriage.

For women, it is the failure to not snag or turn a guy into a provider to fulfil the beta$$ side of her hypergamy. Not all, but most women today are scandalous hussies who hop from one relationship to the next whether it is to get free dinner dates, concert tickets or support from a guy. Women are opportunistic in their quest for “love”. The modus-operandi or play-book that women today seem to be using is akin to a used car salesmen and has been outlined in a past posts here and here. They essentially window-dress themselves and give you the 1950’s treatment from their side of the fence in the beginning of the relationship. Much like a used car salesman would do to try and sell you a lemon [but you aren’t aware that’s it’s a lemon…yet]. I say lemon because it is rare today that you find any girl worth a sliver of your full commitment, yet alone a couple dates or meet-ups.

I also believe that on some sort of subconscious or cerebral level women of today understand this too. If women truly wanted to settle down and be “marriage material” they would not waste their golden years trolling around, sucking every Joe-Blow from this side to the corner of a 7-11 and expect some poindexter to “man-up” once their done the “party years”. Why would a guy want to buy a car that has thousands upon thousands of miles on it? Same goes for women. Why would a man want a wife that has been used and abused, road hard for years, dented and has stains all over her carpet and be expect to buy her off the lot?

So, in order for them to even be remotely successful in snagging a beta provider or duping some poor poindexter into marriage to support her after her “party years,” they have to turn in on in the begging and make “effort” by window-dressing themselves in hopes of making it seem that they are NAWALT. As the bell-curve above shows, the lustre and shine from the Windex usually starts to languish and weather at around 6 months in.

I am sure you all have been through this game and play-book before but for those who aren’t even aware that this seems to be a re-occurring theme in their relationships [due to being “in love” or “pussy whipped”] this is what happens.

In the Baiting phase a woman will show off her best all the time in order to snag you into hitting her up for a date or meet-up. Sometimes she will go even as far as to hit you up and ask for your digits, Facebook stalk you, and request a hangout first. Everything you see during this phase is always immaculate: her behaviour, the state of her car, apartment, blow job skills, cooking, cleaning etc. Through this phase and into the Honeymoon/Grooming portion of the relationship the above listed is in full mobilization like a war machine or Ford motor company assembly line. Not many women cook or clean these days but if you are to see any of it, it will be during this phase as the attempt to win you over/appease your ego is ever so great. You feel like a king, she loves you, you love her and everything is folklore and fairytale all the same. Ever notice how in this phase everything you say is gold and every joke you utter is hilarious? Not even the most Alpha male is on 24/7 but you seem to be, right? Ha.

Now, if you are of the red pill mindset you already know the game, and thus are aware of the eventual crux of all relationships, so this shouldn’t anger you. This post is to enlighten. If you are aware of the strategies at play and how women eventually want to secure your commitment then you will know and understand that the best you will ever get in a relationship is before the 4-6 month range [it varies from girl to girl]. Also note that it doesn’t matter whether she perceives you as Alpha or Beta, women want commitment from all, especially if they can get it from an Alpha which is rare.

In the Beta Consolidation/Commitment phase you are most vulnerable to her cheating or to erratic behaviour. I would like to add that you are even more susceptible to her cheating if you decided to give her commitment in any way whether it be declaring that you are her “boyfriend” or you “love her” or even marriage. This is because she now thinks she has her beta side secured and thus her brain will seek Alphafux and gina-tingles [always wanting more].

Essentially, if you are Alpha, you don’t get into what most people call “relationships” nor have a “girlfriend,” but if for some reason you find yourself in one this is essentially how it goes. Pretty much your best bet is to pull the cord at around 6 months, or whenever the demands, signs of cunty behaviour begin to rear their ugly heads.

Remember, once she has you committed it doesn’t mean the demands for your time and anything stop. You can never fully satisfy a woman because they can never be fully satisfied. It’s in their nature to always want more.


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