Women’s Suffrage is a Social Suffering


Well, I think it is safe to say it is a %100 guarantee she will be leaving the country.

People like Raven should not be allowed to vote. People who dont understand the difference between the terms ‘nominated’ and ‘elected’ should not be allowed within 500 yards of a voting booth. Do all women suffer from a low IQ? Secondly, even if your favourite political party[most women love being Liberal/|Democrat because of the feels and promises of free shit] doesn’t manage to win office does that mean you just bail on your country? Women are famous for not being loyal in the same way a man understands it. They are short sighted creatures who are opportunistic and will only stay loyal so long as the entity is fulfilling her needs at the moment.

Its hilarious because the whole women’s suffrage movement was created and pushed by men who were in power at that time:Doubled the work-force and doubled the tax base, and cut men’s wages in half.Now, they want to be stay at home mom’s, but one income doesn’t suffice in the real world.
Yep, we’ve come along way baby. Just look at how amazing and prosperous everybody is compared to older generations in the 50’s!


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