Facebook Activism: Do You Really Care?


The Donald Trump phenomenon is a great example of the impotency of today’s activist generation.

Reposting articles, memes, and quotes that reinforce their own beliefs to their friends that already share their beliefs. Not actually engaging in anything that has a real effect on anything. I saw articles after Super Tuesday about how it seemed that John Oliver’s popular segment didn’t resonate with voters and stuff like that.

Obviously it didn’t; the people who watch that show would never vote for Trump anyway, and those who would vote for Trump would not be convinced by John Oliver to change their votes. Everyone is just stuck in this self-affirming vortex where they assume that since all their friends are liking and reposting their opinions that everyone must feel the same way. The only effect peoples’ online activism has is ruining other peoples’ lives for things they have said online or on television or some public sphere. Figure it out man!

When Mark Zuckerberg’s genius mind gave effortless birth to the idea of Facebook in 2004 his first notion was to create a platform in which to connect people (feral college students). It then transformed into a space in which all members of the public could participate and share or express their “individuality”. In Western society and culture, individuality is a much as a myth as civilization itself. Whereas civilization hangs on a very thin thread of social mores, written words (laws) and compliance every and each day, so does the idea of individuality on Facebook; its one giant illusion. Facebook had, and always gave the illusion of individuality because the system itself is a microcosmic version of society.

When was the last time you saw someone ‘share’ or write something truly unique on Facebook that wasn’t written or created by some other person other than themselves? It’s rare for sure. And if you do share something that you made, wrote or created, people tend not to ‘like’ or even look at it because it is not easily digestible for their mind that has been use to quick easy  talking points or generic inspirational life quotes.

It’s ironic because when you do post something unique or a creation you wrote or made, it stands out too much. Which in turn you would think more people would view, like and share it,  but this is not the case. Facebook is one giant mental masturbation session that consists of the same fantasies, beliefs and opinions being viewed and shared because its what turns everybody on who is on there; like how back in the day guys would swap porno mags. It may have been different editions, new photos and articles but in the end, a nude photo of some woman’s tits and velvet curtains is still just a nude photo. Its something that everyone who loves nude photos of women will enjoy regardless of its packaging.


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