She’s Got The Look

bitch face

‘Resting Bitch Face’ seems to be a common sight when walking down your quaint suburban neighbourhood, or to the shops these days. Why are more women on anti-depressants today and increasing?

They’re upset with themselves for trading in being comfortable, warm and safe at home raising kids in exchange for working all day, focusing on career, pretending to be men and wondering why guys won’t call back after sleeping with them on the first date.

Women were sold feminism and it sounded good. But the reality is it has made many women whores and slaves to the system.

Women were told to “cherish” being “independent”. Independent from what? Men obviously.

Now they find themselves “independent” from men but slaves to the dollar and the government [aka-Big Daddy/Sugar Daddy/Pimp Daddy Warbucks].

Even with good jobs that pay well these “independent” women have unleashed a monster. The appetite to spend and shop endlessly. They spend money like drunk sailors on shore leave.

Every “independent” women I know doesn’t handle money well. Their idea of money management is to get as many credit cards as possible and max them out. Charge one credit card to pay for another credit card. when the reality sets in that they owe more than they can pay back then their strategy is to go bankrupt and start all over again. Even the women that “save” dont know how to invest and grow that money. Saving and holding cash at 1% interest in the bank these days isn’t going to net back anything by the time you are in your bed shitting years. Men are better with money, that’s why women are horrible at managing household funds. Its because women are biologically hard-wired to consume. Saving and growing money is a foreign concept to them; like speaking Chinese or responsibility, showing up to work on time, and changing a tire.

They just don’t understand that when you borrow money, most of the money owed back is interest. Interest that buys them nothing. Interest that make bankers rich.

They just cannot understand that the best way to buy is to save up and pay cash and avoid interest payments.

But that is a concept that most of them cannot comprehend. Thus they find they are a slave to the money system with no way out. They are neither “independent” or “happy”. They are bitter. They become bitter at others when they should be bitter at themselves for being so foolish and ignorant.

No, it is always much better to blame others for their mistakes.

Truthfully it’s just because they are angry and bitchy from realizing they threw away their futures and their children’s future by hating men and loving the cash cow that is socialism and Big Daddy government to give them resources. They destroyed the system that nature provided and now no one wants them so they sulk with their 14 cats. Look at every society in the history of the world that has followed a Feminine Imperative and you will notice one thing they all have in common: their remnants can be found in a museum or fossilized under hundreds of feet below the surface. Dust for a pulse, you will find nothing but ruins.


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