The Beta-Boom Generation


The talk of the town today is how horrible things will become if Donald Trump wins the nomination and or eventually becomes POTUS.

People are saying things such as “He will send America back 30 years!” Well, I say, could he send us back another 20 even 30 on top of that- all the way back to the 1950’s? I honestly don’t give a Flying squirrel’s turd about who becomes president in 2016, because compared to every single one of the candidates, your imaginary child-hood friend could be a better one.

Truthfully, if Trump sent America back 30 years we would have trillions of dollars less in national debt, women would be less cunty and entitled, and we would be dancing to Wang Chungs ‘Dance Hall Days’– living in an epoch of music that can never be duplicated: 80’s Awesomeness. What’s more freighting, in my opinion, is what America is going to look like in the near future with this next generation of fatherless maladjusted beta males and future carousel riders that have been ejected from the fowl vaginas of the rising single-mothers class.

You can witness the fall of society on every corner, on every street, down every section 8 driveway. Young women with dyed blue hair pushing strollers sipping on Dunken Donuts coffee, on their way to the bank- to withdraw every penny out of their account once the government checks arrive at the end of the month. Texting incessantly while their kid(s) scream their heads off- hitting up the various deadbeats for attention, money, or trying to snag another sucker into getting her pregnant so as to get more money from the government: The Parasite Circle Jerk.


It’s both the fault of women and the men in government- either the people in power are extremely incompetent for allowing disincentive policies, or they have a hard-on for destroying society one degenerate at a time. We have discussed part of this topic before in the post America the Beautiful: Brought Down by the Welfare State & Gina Tingles

You now have more than 25% of America’s children living in single-parent households: The majority of them being single-mothers. Here is a hint ladies STOP FUCKING DEAD-BEATS. It’s real simple. Women have the last say in whether or not sex is going to happen so it just goes to show the calibre of decision making modern women have when it comes to bearing children. Its a vicious cycle because the calibre of thinking comes from the calibre of parent- And round and round we go. How do you spot one of these cretins you ask?

The fact is, girls with unnaturally dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings are overwhelmingly more likely to be leeches on society, with unpaid student loans, credit card debt, and bastard children- Not to mention possessing ungodly bitchy/cunty behaviour. They have that rebellious feminist spirit in them that says “nah ah”[wags witchy finger] to conventional social norms. The dyed hair  (the brighter the color the bigger the Red Flag) is a good indicator of the type that will most likely have an unstable mindset as outlined well in this article from Return Of Kings.

The dance that these women play with the government appeals to their inner slut and adheres to the evolutionary biological roots of prostitution. Girl fucks deadbeat, gets monies from Big Pimp Daddy Government. A Pavlovian reward system that encourages further behaviour. It appeals to women’s inherent laziness wherein all one has to do for money is to spread thy legs and allow any o’l chump to spray inexpensive fertilizer into a cheap flower pot to produce the societies future drug-dealers, arsonists, leftoids, other single parents, dead-beats, car-jackers etc.

beta population

If you compare this map of Adult Incarceration in the U.S to the map below showing where children from single-parent households are living there is a sticking link between the two data-sets.

Whereas the Baby-Boomer generation followed strict rational nation building gender roles, the bubble produced a surplus of well-adjusted population that went on to produce things of value in society and create other valuable members of society. But somewhere along the way men got soft and allowed for extreme feminist policy to rule producing a generation that only adheres to political correctness, and allowing women’s inherent hypergamy to run amok. I call am calling this the Beta-Boomer Generation©. This is the very reason why when you look around your town: at the streets, at the foreclosed businesses/houses, the crumbling infrastructure, the poverty that this is the new reality. The economy has changed along with the very type of thinking and people that inhabit it.

Why do you think America, and other Western nations have fallen to third world type conditions?

Why do you think people today behave more like animals than exude the civility that was once found 30, 40, or 50 years ago?

It’s because people’s attitudes and behaviours have changed toward the YO-LOing, the impulsive, and child-like mindlessness of the millennial cry-babies (and even Gen-X’ers).

The pussification of our leaders is what’s to blame. To allow fem-centric attitudes to consume resources inefficiently, and take front-seat in destroying everything that had been built by previous generations of strong men who understood what happens when hypergamy and matriarchal polices take hold of an empire. You get nothing but squalor, poverty, stagnation and flat GDP growth. When hardly anybody is producing all you have is money being redistributed and being siphoned to the top.

Now with the rise of single parent households due to misleading feminist drivel and encouragement by government polices to disincentivize the traditional family unit we now see government policies double-down on the trend furthering polices that will only encourage more of this and support the welfare-class.

“Our lack of quality childcare and after-school programs puts these kids at risk and endangers the nation’s future in a knowledge economy. Our lack of support for flexible work arrangements and Social Security credits for caregivers puts these parents at risk. However, there is good news: health care reform will be an enormous help to these families. They are raising our future citizens and building our productive assets at great cost to themselves and with little help from the rest of us.” – Karen Kornbluh The Atlantic

Yes, let’s further encourage this type of economic doom by bailing people out of their poor decisions. I say, take the rug from under them and let them truly understand what consequences are. We live in a bail-out society. We saw it with the banks back in 2008, now we are seeing it with society’s losers. Who is going to pay for all this support? Oh, that’s right, the producers that are now few and rare. Once the wealthy are gone then what?

Welcome to the Third World America, if you like camping then you will love what’s in store for the future. Everyone will own a tent instead of a house. Every speculate what it’s like for those refugees to spent their remaining lives in those dusty, muggy and filthy UN tents out in the sand dunes of the Middle East? You won’t have to wait long.

I can see it now, all the dead-beats and blue-haired baby mommas waiting for the UN air-drops of rice and baby pabulum. The sweet-sweet taste of hypergamous tears is a salty one.


2 thoughts on “The Beta-Boom Generation

  1. I am appreciating your work. Men have it rough in today’s world, thanks to feminism and LBJ. (This comment comes from a never-married, childless woman, who refuses to submit to this disgusting trend that you pay mention to in this post.)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and yes, I couldn’t agree with you more. This blog is full of my often satirical rants about topical issues and just my thoughts on certain on-goings in society. I hope to add more soon–right now I am in the process of publishing my second book (working on a third as well).

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