Burning the Midnight: A Must Read for all Men


Burning the Midnight has to be one of the most damning pieces of writing to come along in while as it puts modern society (modern women especially) on the grand stand in the courtroom of culture and grills the shit out of it. Intelligent, hilarious, yet savage editorials about life come bursting out into flames from the mouth of the extreme character( Nick Tyrella) as he delivers, what can only be described as, harsh reality.

Nick and his essays seem to focus on the hypocrisy of today’s “femcentric” world and the current social order that we all live under now. This book is as ambitious as it is controversial; it boldly goes against the grain and defies all expectations. In a world over-saturated with feminine content, this book not only stands out, it vehemently defies the current social order; it spits in its face and calls it what it is. If you are wondering where all  the masculinity in the West has gone, well, its all in this book; every last drop of it. I would suggest getting yourself a stiff drink and quiet space to read this book because the wisdom and hilarity inside will probably make your head spin more than any alcoholic beverage.

Burning the Midnight can be found on Amazon in Kindle or in paperback.