SJW’s & Liberals FREAKING Out about Trump: A Response Piece

Like a Disney tale they thought they’d get their guaranteed happy ending…reality sucks, eh?

The above picture is probably one of the most telling in regards to how fragile the little snowflakes safe-space bubble really is.

It was fun to watch on the night of Election 2016. That is the look of a Disney fantasy shattered and harsh reality knocking at the door. That is the look of fear; fear of all the freebees being taking away from them and the entitlement house of cards crumbling.  Soon they will all have to stop majoring in stupid worthless degrees and actually have to work a job and do something productive for once. How horrible!

I keep seeing posts from SJWs about how scared they are. They fear for their lives, they say, now that Trump is elected.

Did I miss something? I don’t recall Trump proposing death camps for people of color, women, “LGBTQ” people, Muslims, or any other “marginalized” group. The “social justice warriors” ARE being dramatic. That’s why their own party hates them. Their extremism led directly to the creation of the Trump movement. The popularity of Trump is nothing more than backlash against the fact that the PC police have been constantly accusing every normal person of being racist, of being a bigot, of being a xenophobe, of being a misogynist, of being a rapist, etc. The American people were tired of having their free speech shut down. They were tired of the most intolerant and hateful group in America accusing them of being intolerant and hateful for simply disagreeing with them. They were tired of having comedy shut down. They were tired of having their freeways shut down. They were tired of having their cities burned down. They were tired of the law suits. They were tired of the Drama. They elected Trump, because they saw someone who was willing to stand up to the bullies, regardless of how horrible or not Trump is as a person.

The Democrats, along with the Female Imperative (Political Correctness Culture), essentially perpetuated their own demise and created the unstoppable rebel force that is now  what is being touted as the Trumpening all by themselves. How ironic! Oh the sweet, sweet, salty tears have never tasted so good.

Millennial Democrats elected Trump. Congratulations. And if the marginalized groups will mind their own business, and stop screaming in everyone’s face, then everyone will leave them alone.

Does anyone remember this?

Who’s laughing now? The sweet justice and irony looks so good smeared all over the medias face; their smugness covered now by the harsh reality of what the country really thinks about the establishment instead of delusions.




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