Why are working women in America struggling financially?


Hint: They work in jobs that are growing fast, pay less than $15 an hour and are female-dominated.

A parallel heading/article could include…80% of women receive college degrees that are low paying! Which many “journalists” forget to even mention because muh…women…and muh….patriarchy. Here we cover the facts and steer clear of feelings and bullshit delusions. Let’s take a look now at a very interesting diagram.


Case Scenario:

A 41-year-old woman has worked in early childhood education for 24 years. In all of those years she’s made less than $15 an hour…..

The brief above outline is that of the common working female these days and future ones in the case of millennials.

You’re probably adding in your head Let me guess. . .She has student loans for a job that pays $15/Hr!  Yes, you’re correct in your assumption because that is the general rule when it comes to these statistics. Most women have enormous amounts of student debt for degrees to which are essentially, worthless. This is not even taking into consideration their consumer debt. Women are notorious for credit card insolvency and delinquency when it comes to their person finances. Accountability and reason escapes them completely. That’s why you normally see these women try to snag a boyfriend quickly after college because Daddy (if he has a spine) will no longer be supporting since he needs to retire at some point, right?

You would have thought at some point she would change careers to make more money.. . You know, I just can’t feel sorry for situations like this. It’s entirely self inflicted.

Even though these female-dominated jobs are often strenuous and in some cases require relatively high levels of education, they don’t pay very much. Why? The report offers a few theories. One is that many of these jobs, which include domestic work, cooking and cleaning, were jobs traditionally performed by women inside the home, for free and so when they moved into the public sphere, they were relatively undervalued.

The listing of “women’s work” seems to exclude strippers, which jumps the average up and above what the average guys make, including many doctors. Strippers and beautiful young women are always in demand. Anyone can be a barista at Starbucks or a teacher (aka-Glorified baby-sitter). To get a degree for any soft job that women seem to gravitate to is just foolish. Just because you have a degree for something doesn’t automatically make that ‘skill’ worthy or change it’s market demand.

These jobs above don’t require high levels of education– with nurse being the exception. These are mostly domestic or unskilled positions and that is why they don’t command high salaries.  There isn’t any special training or skill involved in order to perform them.

In addition, which of the above jobs require extensive education?  Previous studies have showed 29.3% of women with kids in school do not work – and it’s not the wealthy ones – it’s mostly poor, uneducated women.  You can see them driving around aimlessly during the day – going nowhere – or at Starbucks from 10 am to 3 pm laughing with their girlfriends.  They all thought they could meet a nice guy, get married have 2 kids and never work a day in their life.  Now over 50% are divorced with no career and no life – most are on subsidies or child support or both.  If they work, they make sure they don’t work too many hours so they can get their subsidies – which thanks to the tax payers covers just about everything.

My big question is how do women, who are the biggest majority in the entire country – get labeled as minorities and get minority entitlements? It’s mathematically impossible.  Only in America do women get these entitlements.