How Modern Women Behave like Strippers

stripperThere is no better place to observe female nature than inside a strip club or bar/restaurant. Strippers, even waitresses to a much lesser extent, use a certain criterion (a script if you will) to extract the most money from your wallet. Let’s focus on private dancers/strippers as these “working girls” draw the best parallel when it comes to witnessing the fact that modern women operate in the same manner when it comes to relationships with men; it’s just not as overt.

These women (believe it or not) make very short relationships with men to get money. If you observe them they go through the same steps as any ten-year marriage. Man falls in love, He gives her his money, he runs out of money, she moves on to the next guy. These relationships can last from five minutes to sometimes an hour, as long as the guy has some money.

The point I am trying to make here is that all of the techniques that women employ to catch a man are used by strippers and prostitutes to extract money. Why may you ask? Because they work very well.

Believe it or not, strippers are coached (if they are new to the profession) on how to game men. To preface, I once knew a guy who owned a strip joint. We talked about the business model once at his club one night, and he was a cool enough guy to share with me how he likes his girls to operate and how it’s done.

The girl next door look always makes the most money, he told me. The younger men do not have any money. Older men over thirty-five have money. This is who you want. Be soft, not rowdy. Be what attracts an older man.

Do not spend too much time with one guy on stage, even if he is attractive, only stay if he is giving you money. The other men may have, even more, play the men against each other. Make them want you. Do not talk about your husband, work or kids. Find out what he likes and talk with him about it.It could be someone stressful at work or something. He just needs someone to vent to. You MUST be interested in his issues, not your own. You need to be what he needs, not what you are. Remember, as long as he is giving money. Soften your voice, men love a soft voice. Make him lean into you to hear you, he will then smell your perfume. When he does this, touch him on the back of his neck or shoulder. Make sure he knows you touched him. Make him buy you a drink, if he can spend money on a drink, he has money to spend on you. Pick out the bull shit artist who did not come with any money, If the guy has no money, do not spend time with him, your time is money. Remember you are here to earn money, not to get a date. Do not show everything at once. You have three songs to get naked on stage, make it last. I cannot tell you how many times I heard one of the strippers tell a guy “You’re the first one to ever make me feel this way” or “ you are the only one I have done this for”

Remember, this guys job was to make sure the girls made money so they would be happy and make the club money. Remember these men came into the club to spend their money on the girls. This was almost a game because the men knew the game but liked it anyways. I saw these men get touched by a woman and their eyes would roll back and they would shudder just a bit. Was I watching someone get a heroin fix? This is the male weakness; and believe me, women know how to exploit it.

He was very professional and did not have sex with any of the women there. They tried but who wants that? He did have to admit one incident. On Saturday nights he had a Sixty-eight-year-old stripper named Mama Ty. They were talking on one shift and she touched him behind his neck. For a second, he thought she was the most wonderful woman in the world, just for a second. You know that switch that she knows how to activate. She did it on purpose to prove she could do it because he had asked her how she stays in business at sixty-eight years old. That is the power that women have. He was quick to admit his weaknesses.

Here was this dudes ultimate realization about the parallels that can be drawn from prostitutes/strippers/waitresses/dancers to “normal” women.

His second ex-wife left him after he got laid off from a good paying IT job. She apparently already had picked out a guy (a backup) before he even got canned from his job. She was ready because they both knew that he was soon to be let go from the company. Remember the short-term relation a stripper has with her client, it’s exactly the same thing with “normal” women in an LTR or any other type of sexual relationship.

The practices and techniques that a stripper uses over the course of three songs are very similar to that of the tactics used by everyday women during a 10-year long marriage; that’s if it even lasts 10 years. This system, with regards to “normal” relationships, is only really designed to last 6 months- 3 years at the very most. That was just long enough, in earlier times, for the woman to be impregnated and to raise the child for a short duration. It all comes down to our hardwiring and primitive biology. Then her attraction for the man is done, or the man got killed in securing resources for her–we are talking in historical terms here.

You see women do this sort of thing all the time in real life. Playing a man off of other men at the office or in a social setting. Not seeming too interested in one and moving on to the next guy if the first dude stop meeting her wild expectations( i.e stopped giving her attention or resources). So when you’re walking around with a woman, you need to understand that she is with you in a different capacity than what you think; you are a target or a mark for her in some way. Whether she wants free dinner dates, drinks, attention, marriage&children, she has an agenda. That agenda can range anywhere from just sex and fun all the way to the full commitment of resources and your time…only to eventually suck you dry and take everything once the “romance” (Gina tingles) side is gone.

The more you are “in love” or enamored with a particular woman, the more susceptible you are to her agenda and the easier it will be for her to execute on you. If you are wondering we she is constantly testing you and seeing if you will take her out on dates or spend money on her, is because she can get other men to do this as well; garnering her more and more resources. That’s women, in a nutshell, always wanting more and more from men; because they are SO “independent” remember.


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