Why More Women Today are Binge Drinking

Young woman drinking shots of tequila at bar counter
Young woman employing effective resource management as usual.

Women today got to “HAVE IT ALL”. Which includes all the alcohol in the world now too.

I guess we should also make the connection as to why more women are depressed today than every before too. Gee, it would’t have anything to do with women acting more and more against their own biology, right? Trying to be and compete with men everyday would make you want to drink away all responsibilities and drudgery that comes with experiencing what men have had to endure for centuries: aka hard work and accountability.

The funny thing is, most women today are still irresponsible and get men to do all of the heavily lifting any way! So whats the problem then, ladies? More women today, according to many studies and articles, are binge drinking. Drinking to escape, drinking to become someone that can still operate…but with the lights off upstairs. What are women trying to escape now? What void are they trying to fill with booze?

Here are my thoughts.

Bazillions of women insisted on living like men without once asking males how guys actually lived. They didn’t see that most men aspire to marry and raise kids.

Females also forgot that kids require constant care (love, affection, guidance, attention, instruction, etc.) during their early years. That meant one parent staying home…usually the mother since fathers were often better positioned to provide money earned by difficult, dirty, dangerous jobs (or ones requiring advanced degrees).

Feminists blindly and willfully upset that historic balance (the traditional trade-offs of social contracts). Male sacrifices and innovations eased the drudgery of housework (freeing female time) and created more non-muscled work. Feminists then urged women to enter “soft” occupations in offices and elsewhere. So females flooded the labor pool, lowering wages. Families eventually required two working parents. The result? Mothers lost the privilege of raising tiny humans, handing them to nannies and pre-school teachers. Kids lost the care of loving blood-relatives. And men came home to the equivalent of a co-working competitor.

Single women were blind to men’s need to bond and form families. Feminists did not see that most men worked shitty jobs solely to pay for families…the real source of male solace and “right living.”

Atop that, females were seduced by “careers” hyped by mass media. They weren’t told that most lawyering, for example, is rote and boring. Nor were they told that men, by and large, don’t evaluate women based on job resumes. This was yet another blindspot feminists had, insisting that men and women were identical.

Modern women were told marriage was prison, being a wife a prisoner. So they shunned marriage and changed laws to “free sisters” via anti-male divorce laws. They mocked the ensuing male pain, “bathing” in the tears of suffering fathers. They viewed men as robotic former kings who were rightfully stripped of their children, forced to pay all bills.

Feminists further made the mistake of thinking Western males, raised by mothers to stuff feelings, would remain passive and mute forever. They did not foresee the Internet uniting males. They did not predict men forsaking misandric colleges and avoiding marriage. They never considered that males, freed from family burdens, might live longer, enjoy life more, work less, and boink women without “committing” in an age of hookups and Tinder.

They also didn’t consider that men not cared for might one day return the favor. Thus the frisson felt by many feminists when German men chose not to protect frauleins molested in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

In short, feminists never thought-through their demonization of half the world. Now they’re being hoist by their own petards, resorting to hoisting booze-filled teacups to deaden the pain. Behold: men-claiming-to-be-women are trouncing females in heretofore “women’s sports;” females will sooner or later be forced to register for the draft and die in combat; and feminized Swedish men let their nation become the rape capital of the West.

Yet there is hope. Generation Z is becoming ever-more-conservative, seeing grim childless crones slug down gallons of fermented grapes.

In the meantime, welcome to the brave new world feminists created…one where men on bicycles laugh hysterically as they see feminist fish laying in gutters, guzzling booze to cope with the consequences of their half-century of bimbotude!



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