Why Your Girlfriend Hates the Hot Waitress

hot waitress

Women compete with other women for the attention, time, and resources from high valued men.

Any successful and popular bar & grill or restaurant that men frequent are generally stocked with good talent in one or two ways: Good looking waitresses or mediocre coupled with good service. A good food business must have at least one of these, preferably both at the same time. The business model of women serving is a model that has stood the test of time and harks back to traditional societal expectations of gender roles, women being nurturing and service oriented in pleasing male patrons. The roots go back as far as brothels all the way to the traditional 1950’s housewife. Men like to be served and waited on, it’s just that simple. It’s not sexist, it’s the truth. When I hear the words sexist, misogynistic, and bigot come out of someone’s mouth all I can hear is them confirming biological reality in attempts to slander it and paint it dysfunctional.

Your typical modern day girlfriend, wife, or female, hates your server because the average scandalous hussie today has traded in cooking, cleaning and domestic skills for blow jobs and party’n. For some reason feminists and modern day You-Go-Gurls somehow believe that traditional skills of femininity are somehow of less value than credentialism, careerism and fucking random dudes in dark alleyways and in the back-seats of a Dodge Charger.

The server/waitress still to this day represents all that is feminine and your modern day chick hates this. She hates the fact that you adore your server, leer at her, undress her with your eyes and mentally pontificate why your girlfriend can’t do the simple things that a paid restaurant employee can do. The modern male pays his significant other/girlfriend in less direct ways (rent money, dinner dates, gifts etc) yet his significant other won’t/can’t even make a decent cob salad at home or even do her own laundry.

Your girlfriend will give your server different kinds of glances and leers because she knows you are going to tip her thus directing a portion of your man resources towards the total female stranger and not towards your girlfriend (who thinks she is entitled to it for some bizarre reason). Your girlfriend is jealous of the waitress, because unlike her- your server is typically looking her best, in shape, hot and treats her male patrons with grace and a feminine touch that can only stroke the male ego in the right sort of way. Your wife/girlfriend only knows how to stroke your pecker in haste or sloppy fashion just to keep you in-line and not stray because she knows she has neglected giving you sex for the past month: The Mechanical Release.

Even if you don’t go to the taps or restaurants with your significant other, your girlfriend will still detest you going out with your guys because again your money and attention are going towards the cute little skirt in the form of tips. If you think about it, it is a lot of money that your significant other thinks she is entitled to. Say the average male goes out even once a week to his favourite bar and spends a conservative $30 on food and beer. If he tips at a reasonable rate of 4-5 dollars, annually he is spending around $250 a year on tips towards good looking skirts and a nice smile along with $1500 ish on the beer and meals themselves.

That’s around $1750.00 that his girlfriend won’t potentially have access to.

All women are prostitutes in a way; your hot waitress is just a better one.

That is the real reason why your girlfriend hates the hot waitress.