Star Wars: The Force Awakens & the Destruction of the Heterosexual White Male

sig hail

Going into the theatre to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens I thought about how sad and truly pathetic it was to see how even though George Lucus sold his soul, and everything he worked for in life to Disney, people were still hyped and eager to see the complete hot bag of garbage that was this film.

I saw the film because I am curious and interested in human behaviour and how people respond to brands, names and marketing. Everyone should have known that ever since Disney got its dirty limp-lib hands on Star Wars that it was going to be turned into a fucking giant promo-ad for Diversity and You-Go-Girl-ism. You should by now understand that the Feminine Imperative seeks to get its moist tentacles into anything and everything that is sacred and amazing in this world only to destroy it and make it shit.

Star Wars isn’t what it is without a strong male protagonist seeking revenge or respite in defeating the Empire, Dark-Side or the First Order. It’s what men do, and it’s believable. Boys all over the world dream in their beds at night about being a leader, about becoming pilots and about being a force in the world. Women do not (the majority) think this way, and it is a VERY far stretch of the imagination to even make a film that tries to convince the movie-goer that this is the case.

How this new Star Wars instalment appeals to young boys is baffling to me. What about the already die-hard fans out there? In the theatre, and I am sure across every other theatre in the country, the majority who went to see this film were male. What kind of message is your son going to grow up with? This was basically the message of the film “All guys take a back-seat for the women because clearly they know how to do things better than you…not equal but better.” The Black ex-Storm-Trooper who helped Rey throughout the entire movie looked like a bumbling buffoon yet somehow this chick understood how to use things that men had invented. It was not believable at all. The whole story premise was clearly Anti-male. Even the villain was played by the limp-wrist’d dude from Girls, and his character was a sad and pathetic out of control emotional boy-bitch.

This movie was a disgrace aside from the stunning visuals and music. Besides that it was a piece of shit and I really don’t understand why any young boy growing up would continue to see this franchises movies or buy their merchandise afterwards. Disney has turned it into a wasteland of feminist propaganda. If that is who their target audience is well good luck because women don’t like wars, they don’t like guns, they don’t understand politics or the hierarchical structures that govern the world of Star Wars, and they sure as hell don’t care about being leaders. Just look around you in the world. Who are the leaders? It is men. Women are followers-herd-like in nature- and the feminist or beta-boys over at Disney will suck every drop of life out of this once great franchise until it’s as dry as the deserts in Tatooine.

This film killed the heterosexual White male in more ways than one and you see it in the film.

Fuck Disney, and most of all fuck Geroge Lucus for selling out to the Female Order. Sig hail.